Warhammer Black Orcs

Black Orcs are the epitome of brute force. A nice block of 30 though I am basing many of them on 50x50mm or 75x25mm bases with fewer models per base than technically required. This creates a bit more space between the models which otherwise are really wedged tightly together.

Leading the force is the mighty Grimgor Ironhide and a generic Big Boss. Still working on a Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer to complete the line-up. They are based on 50x25mm bases to line up with the rest of the mob while having some space around them. It’s physically impossible to fit these models onto a single 25x25mm base in a formation…

Savage Orcs

Work on my “new” Orc army is progressing. I am going through these in thematic blocks. The regular Orcs are mostly done – baring some characters – in the few previous posts. This now adds the Savage Orc contingent.

The group is lead by Wurzag Da Great Green Prophet in both mounted and walking format. He is joined by two fellow shamans and a Big Boss to add some punch to the mob. I just love the old shaman models!

WFB Orcs - Wurzag Combo

WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Shamans

WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Big Boss

The main mob is 25 strong including a unit filler of a simplistic icon carried on the shoulders of the boyz.

WFB Orcs - Orcs 2 Rear

A mounted group of ten boar boyz rounds out the Savage Orc contingent.

WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Completed Hail Caesar Imperial Romans

A  birthday gift dropped an Imperial Roman army into my lap so: Hail Caesar, here come! The painting effort was fairly efficient due to the relatively low detail of the Warlord models compared to overloaded Games Workshop styles that I am used to. Very satisfying to be able to knock out a full army in a few weeks. I already bought a few hundred Gallic/Celtic/Germanic/Dacia/Sarmatian models so that these doughty Romans will have opponents. Here is to painting 500+ naked dudes…

Detailed photos of all the units are on this page. Enjoy.