Orcs from the World that was…

When the Warhammer World was killed by Games Workshop, I impulsively bought all the armies that I didn’t have yet (and all available models for each such army…). So now I am stuck with a few thousand Warhammer models. Slowly working my way through the pile with the Orcs first in the lineup. First some core infantry units – one of 30 (including a looted cow…), one of 25 (including a pig carrying barrels which is hard to see in the back now that I look at the photos 😦 ). I decided for irregular basing which fits with the wild style of the Orcs.

WFB Orcs - Orcs 1 RearWFB Orcs - Orcs 1 SideWFB Orcs - Orcs 1WFB Orcs - Orcs 2 SideWFB Orcs - Orcs 2


Updated Battlefleet Gothic pages

Updated photos for the BFG section including the

Chaos Fleet

Eldar Fleet

Imperial Fleet

Ork Fleet

These are mostly old models though the Chaos and Imperial fleets have been semi-recently upgraded with another 20+ extra ships between them (mostly “newer” models beyond the original rule book options). The Imperials are actually entirely repainted because I couldn’t reproduce the old blue colour and I am picky that way…

Mordheim Section Updated

The Mordheim section is now fully updated with new pictures. This includes the following previously posted warbands:

Undead Warband

Reiklander Warband

Middenheimer Warband

Kislev Warband

Skaven Warband

Dwarven Warband

Sisters of Sigmar Warband

Witch Hunter Warband

Hired Swords

Dramatis Personae


I am not working on uploading the backlog of completed warbands, including Orcs, Goblins and Averlanders. Some Beastmen, Carnival of Chaos, Ogres and Possessed are also on the horizon.

For now, the only new model in the pages above is a second Werewolf for my Middenheimers (the one of the right), the Witch Hunter and Marco Colombo.

Mordheim Middenheimer - Werewolves

Mordheim Personas - Witch Hunter Explorer