Goblin Warband

Technically, Goblins are part of the Orcs and Goblin Warband in Mordheim. They can be added to the Orc Warband but I painted up enough of them that they would also be fielded as an independent force. Hence the separate page.

The models were mostly tests for my Warhammer Orcs and Goblin army to try out of a variety of styles. Add a bunch of leftovers and you get a sizable force of Greenskins.

Leaders: I had a spare old-school Skarsnik model so he became the Boss of this Warband. A Goblin Shaman can provide magical support if you find house rules for him. I also added a hero from the Avatars of War range that seemed to fit in nicely.

Mordheim Goblins - Bosses.JPG

Henchmen: The main Goblin mob comes in the form of 5 bow-armed and 5 spear-armed Goblins including some command models for fun.

Add a few squigs including the mighty old-school Gobbla.

Mordheim Goblins - Squigs

Three Night Goblin Herders keep the four Squigs in line.

Mordheim Goblins - Herders

And three of their colleagues are brave enough to ride on even more Squigs (house rules needed but the models are just too nice).

Mordheim Goblins - Squig Hopper

Monsters: No Goblin Warband would be complete without Trolls. In this case, two old-school River Trolls provide ample vomit-power.

Mordheim Goblins - Trolls