Adeptus Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus is a relative late-comer to 40k universe and the last EPIC army that I assembled. Since there are no official models, the force features a combination of models from a variety of manufacturers as well as some custom sculpts from the Tactical Commands forum. The paint scheme is simple – there is only so much you can do with 6mm models – and based on the Ryza manufacturing world colours. The unit formations are designed for the AdMech 0.93 Gryphonne IV Skitarii Legions list from Tactical Commands. As the last EPIC army in my collection, I also added in all the surplus models lying around so not everything fits the list.

Skitarii Demi-Centuries: Five regular demi-centuries form the core of the Skitarii formation. Each demi-century features 8 Skitarii and 2 Secutors (the little robots) except the last which has been upgrade to include 5 Rapier Laser Destroyers. One unit includes a Magos. Six Chimedons and two Chimera recovery vehicles can transport two units.

Sagitarii Demi-Centuries: Two Sagitarii demi-centuries contain the heavier support upgrades. One includes Rapier Laser Destroyers and the other Servitors. I am using weapon platforms as Sagitarii to differentiate them from the other infantry units.

Praetorian Servitor Maniples: Three Praetorian maniples can each be transported by a Gorgon Assault Carrier (using the rules for Ordinatus Minorus with Corvus Assault Pod.

Crusader Scout Maniples: I am using little scout buggies as proxies for Crusader Robots to differentiate them from the heavier Colossus Robots. Two maniples provide a scouting screen for the heavier units.

Colossus Assault Maniples: Three units of Colossus Robots provide heavy walker punch.

Artillery Formations: I had a bunch of towed gun models from Otterman on the Tactical Command Forum. Technically those don’t fit into the Adeptus Mechanicus army but everything had to be used during the grant wrap-up of the EPIC collection! The formation includes six Bombards, six Basilisks, three Hydra Flaks and three Manticores. I added a few surplus Centaur Tankettes as tractors.

Cataphractii Support: Six Macharius tanks provide super heavy support for the Adeptus Mechanicus. The turrets are magnetized to mount all three weapon options (duplicate variant shown).

Ordinatus: Ordinatus Majoris are the iconic Mechanicus units from the early days of EPIC. It took a bit of hunting on Ebay but eventually I found all three ancient models: Mars, Golgotha and Armageddon. Supporting them are four Ordinatus Minoris with magnetized turrets to mount any of the weapon options from the Titan List (and the original “placeholder” turrets from the proxy models).