The Spartan theme got a big boost by the release of the movie “300” and I picked up a core of hoplites from EBay shortly after. With some fixes to the painting, re-basing and the addition of the non-hoplite models this was a very quick army.

The army is designed to be fielded as II/5a Later Hoplite Greek (Spartan) but could do duty as II/31c Hellenistic Greek (Spartan) with the addition of a Light Horse element from the Greek City States collection. Combined, those two options give the army a “time range” of 450BC to 225BC with the last 50 years being in the Hellenistic period.

Specialists: From the left are an element of Camp Follower (wounded Spartan on a donkey sledge), Cavalry, and Psiloi. Not a lot of variety but that’s all there is to a Spartan army beyond the phalanx.

DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis

Phalanx: The main formation is made of 11 Hoplite models (Spears in DBA). One of the elements can be used as a General. The models are a nightmare to rank up in deep formation thanks to their long weapons.

DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis

Camp: For the camp I found a resin cast Spartan Dokana from Baueda Wargames. I use 80mm by 40mm bases for all my camps and run a hole for the Camp Follower element. The Camp Follower is made from some leftover command models from the Greek City State collection.

DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis

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