Early Imperial Roman

With the demise of the Warhammer World, my ambitions started to extend to other mass combat games. I am far too invested in the Warhammer universe – with a whole bunch of armies still to paint – to start another fantasy game system. So historical mass combat it was. A timely birthday gift of an Early Imperial Roman starter force sealed the deal.

The army is based for Hail Caesar using 60mm x 60mm bases for all units. Hail Caesar is very flexible in terms of base sizes and 60×60 appeared to be the one option that would give me a single standard for infantry, cavalry and specialized units. For infantry, each base holds 6 models with a frontage of 3. That’s the same model-spacing as 4 models on a 40×40 base while lining up with the cavalry. An added benefit is that a full 3 model command team can fit onto one base. The added depth gives a bit of room to space the models unevenly so that everything doesn’t look too orderly. A standard formation would have three bases forming a two-line unit of 18 models (9×2). They can be formed into column formation of 3×6 models by ranking the bases one behind the other.

For cavalry, each 60mm x 60mm base holds 2 models. This leaves more room than the normal 50×50 base which seems more appropriate anyhow for ancient mounted units. Toe-to-toe cavalry formations really should be reserved for Napoleonics.

Command units are on 60cm round based and I also added wound markers to each infantry formation with a fallen soldier matching the unit. Finally, a few single-based models serve as markers and skirmishers if needed.

The army is loosely based around formations in service in Britannia and Gaul during the time of Julius Caesar to Marcus Aurelius. Mostly, to be honest, I just aimed for a decent mix of legions and auxillia troops for variety. The paint scheme is pretty straightforward with much of the “pop” coming from the shield decals.


In addition to the formation commanders below, the army can be led by a Legate on a large 10cm diameter round base to make him stand out.

HC Roman - Legate

Historical leadership comes in the form of Julius Caesar with Mark Anthony, as well as Marcus Aurelius.

HC Roman - Caesar
HC Roman - Marcus Aurelius

Of course the semi-historical Maximum Decimus Meridius of Gladiator fame has to be present as well, mounted and on foot re-enacting the dramatic scenes of the movie! Unleash hell indeed!

HC Roman - Maximus Mounted
HC Roman - Maximus

These worthies are protected by a cohort of Praetorian Guards.

HC Roman - Praetorians

Legio VI Victrix

The core of the army are four cohorts of the Legio VI Victrix led by a Tribune and including some skirmishers.

HC Roman - Tribune Legio VI
HC Roman - I Cohort Legio VI
HC Roman - II Cohort Legio VI
HC Roman - III Cohort Legio VI
HC Roman - IV Cohort Legio VI
HC Roman - Skirmishers

The Legion is supported by a unit of Baelaric Slingers as a nod to their service in the East.

HC Roman - Slingers

A group of Scorpios provides long range fire power.

HC Roman - Scorpios

Legio XII Fulminata

A smaller contingent of two veteran cohorts of the Legio XII Fulminate, led by a Tribune, is the second main fighting formation. I used damaged shields and bandaged troops to signify their long service to the Empire.

HC Roman - Tribune Legio XII
HC Roman - I Cohort Legio XII
HC Roman - II Cohort Legio XII

A steadfast formation on Gallic territory, the Legio XII is supported by a unit of Western Archers and a Catapult. The latter was 3D printed with my FDM printer which works well enough for warmachines at this scale.

HC Roman - Archers
HC Roman - Catapult


A Prefect leads three formations of Auxillia infantry including the light formation of Cohors III Breucroum in blue,  Cohors II Hispanorum in yellow and Cohors I Lusitanorum in green.

HC Roman - Tribune Auxillia
HC Roman - III Breucorum Light
HC Roman - II Hispanorum
HC Roman - I Lusitanorum

A unit if Marines with their classic hexagon shields finishes up the auxiliary infantry.

HC Roman - I Classica


Three cavalry formations provide mounted support for the legions under the leadership of a Tribune. At the front are mounted Praetorians followed by Ala I Thracum in blue and Ala II Thracum in yellow.

HC Roman - Tribune Cavalry
HC Roman - Praetorian Cavalry
HC Roman - I Thracum
HC Roman - II Thracum