The Skaven are one of the few truly unique races of the Warhammer world (or at least not commonly found in pre-dating fantasy worlds such as Middle Earth). They manifest the wacky spirit of Warhammer Fantasy Battle so of course I had to finish up an army. After many years in boxes, I finally pushed through the painting process using the (then) newly released Contrast Paints by Games Workshop. As usual, the force contains one of each available unit type with a few additions from the Age of Sigmar era.

The force can be divided into the major clans with at least the Pestilence contingent being large enough to make a full army on its own.

Grey Seers

Thanquol and his mighty Rat Ogre Boneripper lead the Grey Seed contingent. The newer – and much larger – plastic model still needs painting. The rest of the seer council consists of two other Grey Seers on foot and a Grey Seer on Screaming Bell.

A massive Verminlord can be summed to add the horde in battle. This is the Forgeworld model with slight conversions.

Clan Mors – Leadership

Lord Queek Headtaker commands the forces of Clan Mors which represent the “generic” units of the force. He is joined by Tretch Craventail, a Warlord on Rat Ogre (3D printed), a Warlord on War Litter (converted) and two Chieftains.

The bulk of the infantry is provided by a 40-strong Stormvermin unit, three 30-strong Clanrat units, and two 30-strong Skavenslave units. The latter are softplastic models in slightly smaller scale which seemed fine for the downtrodden slaves.

The infantry formations can be supported by a variety of attached weapon teams, including three Warpfire Throwers and two Ratling Guns.

Finally, five small swarms of Giant Rats can disrupt enemy movement.

Clan Pestilence

The plague host is led by Lord Skroll and Lord Nurglitch on his mighty Pox Rat. A Plague Priest Lord, a plague-oriented (smaller) Verminlord, and several Plague Priests round out the Pestilence leadership.

A massive horde of 40 Plague Monks pushes a mighty Plague Furnace. The smaller unit of 25 has a unique filler converted from the Undead Plague Cart which seemed fitting.

The infantry can be supported by two Plague Mortars and a Warpfire Thrower.

The infantry advanced behind a skirmish screen of two units of Plague Censer Bearers and two units of Poison Wind Globadiers. A group of Pestilence Packmasters can be used to shift the above Giant Rats into the Pestilence force.

Finally, a Plague Catapult offers long range support. This one is converted to avoid the looking too similar the Warp Lightning Cannon from the same kit.

Clan Skryre

Ikit Claw leads his fellow Warlock Engineers into battle for Clan Skryre. The models are from all era’s of the Skaven range plus some conversions.

Two units of Jezzails and three Stormfiends from the later Age of Sigmar range offer further firepower.

The warmachines wrap up this contingent: two Doomwheels, a Doom-Flayer and a Warp Lighting Cannon.

Clan Moulder

The monster breeders of Clan Moulder are commanded by Lord Throt the Unclean, a Moulder Grey Seer, Packmaster Skweel Gnawtooth, a Chieftain on foot, and a Warlord on Brood Horror.

The breeding pits of Hell Pit yielded a large Giant Rat horde, two units of Rat Ogres, a Hell Pit Abomination, and numerous Rat Swarms.

Clan Eshin

Deathmaster Snikch commands the shadowy forces of Clan Eshin. He is joined by two Assassins.

A large block of 25 Night Runners and various smaller units of Night Runners and Gutter Runners complete the Eshin force. One of the units can be transported into a Warp-Grinder.