The Irish in SAGA are a fast-moving raiding force with just enough punch to make anybody regret underestimating them. To reflect their style and, compared to their anglo-saxon neighbours, relative poverty, I went with models that are more simply clad. The shields are cut down to be more like bucklers – both for mobility and visual distinction from the other armies. For colours, I went with the yellow/green/black style that matches their shield designs.

Heroes: The Irish have a number of options for their Warlord, so I made a regular one, one with a Dane Axe and one mounted on a pony. For heroes, I am using the stock Brian Boruma model with a little tree made from wire and putty.

Hearthguards: While the Irish are light raiders, their Hearthguard units can hold their own against anybody. Led by two Curaidh, there are two units of Fianna – one with Dane Axes and one with regular sword and shield.

SAGA Irish - Curaidh
SAGA Irish - Fianna wiht Dane Axes
SAGA Irish - Fianna

Warriors: Irish have a unique warrior unit in the form of their dogs. These are Gripping Beast stock models. The two units of regular Bonnachts are armed with javelins and cut-down bucklers.

SAGA Irish - Dogs
SAGA Irish - Bonnachts 1
SAGA Irish - Bonnachts 2

Levy: The Irish can drawn on the generic Levy Pool to which I added one unit of Levy with javelins in the same light clothing/bare-skinned lock of the Irish.

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