Kislev Warband

Kislev is the northern ally of the Empire. Bordering on the Chaos Wastes in the north, Kislev is in a perpetual state of war against both enemy incursion and the chilling winter of the northern plains.

My Kislev warband is based on the Mordheim boxes set with a few custom additions to provide for some of the model choices not covered by the conventional range. The paint scheme is red and blue with brown leather.

Leaders: The Captain in the left is a normal Mordheim model. The Boyar on the right is from the Warhammer range can serve either as an alternative Captain or as a special character for scenarios. 

Mordheim Kislev - Lord.JPG

Youngbloods: The Kislev range only offers a single Youngblood model (on the right) so I converted a matching model form Warhammer Empire parts. While without a naked torso, I think that he blends in reasonably well with the rest of the warband. Both are armed with dual daggers that are large enough to be uses as swords if needed.

Mordheim Kislev - Young Bloods

Bear: The Bear is an iconic element of the Kislev narrative. Both models are from the Mordheim range. I gave the Trainer a blunt mace as I imagine that he can use it to give the Bear a good smacking if it gets out of line (a whip is nearly useless against heavily furred animals such as brown bears).

Mordheim Kislev - Bear

Streltsi: The Kislev field army uses a unique combination of handgunner and halberds so the same fighting style is used by the warband. The Streltsi gunner on the large base was converted from an old plastic Empire handgunner with the arms shaved down (no frilly lace for Kislev). He is in the traditional Streltsi firing pose and has a fur cap out of Green Stuff.

Mordheim Kislev - Gunners
Mordheim Kislev - Halberds

Crossbowmen: A bit more long range support comes from two warriors with crossbows from the Mordheim range. The middle model makes for a good Cossack with bow. I converted him and the later Cossacks using metal torsos of Warhammer Kislev Horse Archer and plastic Empire legs. I left the puffy legs as they seem to fit the style of the Cossacks.

Mordheim Kislev - Archers

Cossacks: Cossacks are even wilder and more flamboyant than their regular countrymen. The right model is the stock Esaul while the left is a converted Cossack from a horse archer.

Mordheim Kislev - Sergeants

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