Ogre Kingdoms

The Ogre Kingdoms were a late addition to the Warhammer World and thus not part of the original Warmaster release set. These models are 3D printed based on STL files from a variety of sculptors. They are painted with GW Contrast Paints which works very nicely for 10mm armies and makes the whole exercise extremely quick.

The army is led by a Tyrant on my customary 40mm base. He is joined by a Bruiser on Rhinox, a Bruiser on foot, two Butcher, and two Gorgers.

Two units of Ironguts provide the retinue for the Tyrant and a unit of fancy Maneaters adds variety.

Four units of Bulls are the core of the force.

Two units of Leadbelchers offer a bit of ranged power and the Gnoblars bring up to rear.

Two units of Rhinox Riders, some Gorgers and Yhetis constitute the heavy hitters of the army.

Finally, a Slave Giant and a Scrap Launcher. And a really big tent!