Dwarven Warband

Ancient, proud and heroic warriors, the Dwarves are drawn to Mordheim by the lure of gold. The doughty fighters of the Dwarven warband are few in number but more than make up for this through experience, fighting skill and bloody-mindedness.

My Dwarf warband is based almost entirely on the very nice multi-part metal Mordheim set. The paint scheme is dark greens to go with the earthy style of the Dwarven host.

Lords: The Noble is a standard Mordheim model with a double handed hammer. The Engineer is a conversion from an old Warhammer Dwarf Runesmith with the tip of his runic staff replace by a lantern (it’s dark in Mordheim…).

Mordheim Dwarves - Lords.JPG

Troll Slayer: The slayers are from the Mordheim range and traditionally depart from the painting scheme of the warband. Plenty of big monsters to slay in Mordheim!

Mordheim Dwarves - Slayers

Warriors and Beardlings: The four warriors come in pairs. The team with hammer and shield receives the initial enemy charge while the Dwarves with double handed weapons counter-charge to deliver the killing blow. That’s the theory at least. The Beardlings are armed with axes and spears. These “young’uns” are there to learn from their elders (and shield them from incoming missiles …).

Mordheim Dwarves - 2h Warriors
Mordheim Dwarves - Warriors

Thunderers: Three Thunderer with handguns are the missile core of the warband. I went with handguns rather than the more practical crossbows (in game terms) because gunpowder is one of those iconic elements of the Dwarf theme.

Mordheim Dwarves - Gunners

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