Tyranids are the great devourer of the Warhammer 40k universe. Not evil in the sense of the Chaos forces, not motivated by ancient history like the Eldar or Necrons, Tyranids simply consume everything in their past. They are the ultimate unthinking evil (in a universe without much traditional “good”).

My Tyranid army is a late addition to my EPIC collection as I just ran out of steam when painting the initial set of armies. Still, all good things happen eventually, and the force got painted in 2018. Most of the models are classic Games Workshop from the 90s. There are nicer proxy models available today but this fits in well with the rest of my collection (plus, I had all them based already from the 2010-2012 surge of armies). The paint scheme is a muted combination of greens and bone with accents of orange and red. Very similar to the pattern seen on many reptiles here on earth.

Major Synapse: The leadership of the swarm is provided by two Dominatrix models and a Harridan. All classic models with minor tweaks for individuality. Add to this a converted Vituperator.

EPIC Tyranids - Dominatrix
EPIC Tyranids - Harridans

Lesser Synapse: Local leadership is provided by 4 large Hive Tyrants (old models), 6 smaller Hive Tyrants (Epic 40k era models) and 18 Tyranid Warrior units.

EPIC Tyranids - Large Tyrants
EPIC Tyranids - Small Tyrants
EPIC Tyranids - Warriors

Static Synapse: Some conversion of 40k parts provided for two Synapse Nodes and six Lesser Synapse Nodes. Finally, eight Mycetic Spores fill out of the static complement of the swarm.

EPIC Tyranids - Nodes
EPIC Tyranids - Lesser Nodes
EPIC Tyranids - Spores

Independent Creators: Led by two Brood Lords, the 14 Genestealer units can tear any opposition to shreds – if they can reach them. The Brood Lords are very old 40k familiar models. Add to this 15 Lictors for plenty of stealth assassination options.

EPIC Tyranids - Genestealer 1
EPIC Tyranids - Genestealer 2
EPIC Tyranids - Lictors

Lesser Critters: This is the true bulk of the swarm. Lots and lots of little creatures to tear any forces appear (or just cause them to run out of ammo). A massive horde of 32 Termagants forms the center of the critter mob. They are backed by 18 Hormagants provide a bit of variety – who am I kidding, they are all just mobile biomass… Finally, 18 Gargoyles can be dropped from the Harridan for air support.

EPIC Tyranids - Termagants 2
EPIC Tyranids - Termagants 1
EPIC Tyranids - Hormagaunts
EPIC Tyranids - Gargoyles

Medium Critters: An assortment of larger creatures follow the swarm. Four Biovores offer long range support. 14 Carnifex – including a few larger ones – provide close combat power. 8 Zoanthropes make up the psychic component of the swarm. 9 Raveners – converted from 40k Ripper Swarms – provide additional shock power.

EPIC Tyranids - Biovores
EPIC Tyranids - Large Carnifex
EPIC Tyranids - Small Carnifex
EPIC Tyranids - Zoanthropes
EPIC Tyranids - Raveners

Large Critters: The original pewter blobs of the 90s, these are the various “vehicles” of the Tyranid swarm. 6 Haruspex provide assault power, 6 Trygon can burrow their way towards the enemy, 9 Exocrine provide long range support, 9 Malefactors can transport part of the swarm into the enemy ranks, and 6 Dactylis throw little red tomatoes…

EPIC Tyranids - Haruspex
EPIC Tyranids - Trygons
EPIC Tyranids - Exocrines
EPIC Tyranids - Malefactors
EPIC Tyranids - Dactylis

Very Large Critters: The big boys of the swarm come in a variety of shapes. Largest is the Hydraphant which is a small conversion of the Dominatrix. Three Hierophants – including one converted from a 40k Hive Guard – form the main Titan force of the swarm. Two smaller Hierodules function as poor man’s Titans. The models are from a sculptor found on the TacComs forum many years ago. Finally we have a little blood pond thing as an objective.

EPIC Tyranids - Hydrophant
EPIC Tyranids - Hierophants
EPIC Tyranids - Biotitan
EPIC Tyranids - Hierodules