British Airborne

The British army in Africa (the Desert Rats from 7th Army) are an iconic representation of British activities during WW2. Unfortunately, the Africa setting isn’t currently part of my range so I had to find a representative central European force. Late war British formations tend to look largely identical to US formation due to the high degree of equipment sharing and I was less than enthusiastic about painting up more Sherman and Jeeps. British Paratroops, the Red Devils, on the other hand are not only a well-known British symbol for WW2, they also allow me to run different scenarios compared to the more conventional US formations available to me.

For the Airborne I included enough models to field the army as either a Para or Airlanding company. With the exception of the para artillery battery all available options are included (and the missing artillery will be remedied as soon as possible).

Unlike all other FOW armies which are exclusive Battlefront, I mixed in a pack of Old Glory British Paratroopers. Because the paras are a specialty formation, the Battlefront range didn’t have enough variety for my taste and the Old Glory models are approximately comparable in scale and size.

Headquarters: The HQ has all available upgrade options including Col. Pine-Coffin as a Hero, three PIAT teams, 3 Sniper teams and a Pathfinder marker.

Core Platoons: The core of the company is built around three full strength platoons that can be fielded either as a Parachute or Airlanding Platoons. Each platoon has the optional PIAT team and light mortar.

Engineer Platoon: A complete Engineering platoon including PIAT team, light mortar and supply Jeep. I modelled the bases in the act of engineering activities (investigating a mine field, cutting barbed wire, assaulting with flamers) to differentiate them from regular infantry bases as the British airborne models don’t have obvious engineering gear. The flamer models are from Old Glory.

Commando Platoon: The commando platoon is designed for flexibility with all possible option including not only the PIAT and light mortar teams but also extra SMG teams.

Weapons Platoon: Depending on the choice of Parachute or Airlanding formation the weapons platoon can either be fielded as a full 3-section mortar platoon with ML 3-inch mortars and/or a full 4 gun MG platoon.

Anti-Tank Units: Four 6pdr AT guns with command and Jeeps provide light to medium AT support. The two 17pdr guns pulled by cut-down 15cwt trucks can knock out even the heaviest German tanks.

Recon Units: Tetrarchs are delightful little tanks so the company has a full unit of 4 Tetrarch’s including various gun options. Further recon support comes from a Recon Platoon including a Universal Carrier, Jeep and recon team. I modeled the recon team with only three soldiers to differentiate it from regular infantry bases. The Carrier and Jeep use the Para crews to tie them in with the rest of the army.

Air Support: Three Horsa Gilder allow me to run the entire company in a glider assault scenario. Some fighter-bomber support will be added at some point to provide air cover.

Other: I am a firm believer in the visual appeal of wargaming. That’s why we go through all the effort of painting, converting and terrain buildings. I therefore dislike the use of counters or dice on the battlefield to identify game dynamics. On the other hand, Flames of War requires a number of game play markers so I made up visually pleasing alternatives. The supply dump and the paratrooper marking the landing zone are objective markets. The tank crew Bailed Out markers are mounted on pennies for stability but otherwise standard. The dead or wounded paratrooper discs serve as Pinned markers.

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Great pieces and very nice painting also.

I’m new and i also will go for the FOW armies. I have orderded atm troops of Warmodelling, but i wanna know what is the name of the company of the units and tanks you use. Im from Holland so i think thats why i dont recognise those units.

I hope you can help me out and maybe have tips for Painting colors aswell.

Dear regards,


All my FoW models are directly from Battlefront Miniatures (the makers of Flames of War). The only exception is that I bought a single bag of paratrooper models from Old Glory and mixed some of those in with the Battlefront models for variety.

The paint scheme goes like this (all Games Workshop paints unless noted)

Black Undercoat
Skin Tallarn Flesh
Smock Iyanden Darksun
Metal Gunmetal Grey (Vallejo)
Trousers Bestial Brown
Webbing Green-Grey (Vallejo)
Wood Terracotta
Entrenching tool Snakebite Leather
Smock Camo Knarloc Green
Smock Camo Bestial Brown
Helmet Knarloc Green
Equipment Orkhide share
Helmet hessian Tausep Ochre Drybrush
Boots and sling Black
Beret Mechrite Red
All Badab Black Wash
Equipment Russian Uniform (Vallejo) Drybrush

I have been wargaming for years in a variety of historical periods, but never found a set of WW2 rules which I was happy with until I saw Flames of War. I have British Paratroops which I have re based for Flames of War based on your organisation, which I think is excellent. Only thing is I have no idea how much they are worth in points. Would you be prepared to let me have your listing please. I play solo at present and it would be good to have balanced forces. The enemy are SS Panzer Grenadiers.
Much appreciated

Out of interest, which book is the list from? I can’t find any British paratroopers with mortars!


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