Oh Warhammer, my first love. This was the game system that introduced me to the world of miniatures three decades ago. It was the late 80’s and the 3rd edition rulebook of Warhammer Fantasy Battle became my gaming cornerstone. There is more history on my beginnings as a Warhammer player but needless to say this is by far the largest part of my collection. This became especially true in 2016 when Games Workshop decided to destroy the Old World during the End Times campaign. On a whim, I decided that the Old World would live on in at least my hobby room and bought pretty much everything for all the iconic Warhammer Armies. So now I have a few thousand painted models and a few thousand unpainted models for a “rainy day”…

On the painted or at least playable side, I have my original Orcs and Goblins – now being redone with “modern” minis, my Bretonnian tournament army of the 90s, the Empire army that replaced them in the 2000’s tournament circuit, some very old school Dwarves and some pre-Vampire Undead that will also be replaced slowly with a new genuine Vampire Counts force.

On the unpainted side, I am staring at aforementioned “modern” Orcs and Goblins, and Vampire Counts, plus some 500+ Skaven, an Ogre Kingdom Army, High Elves, a huge Nurgle Chaos Army, a Wood Elf force based for Age of Sigmar – the only army where skirmish basing made any sense to me – and some Khornate forces to oppose them.

For now, this section will feature only a few of the painted armies. The older ones are in dire need of refurbishing before they can grace the pages of this blog.