Witch Hunter Warband

The Witch Hunter are the competitors of the Sisters of Sigmar when it comes to the saving of imperial souls. Sent by the Grand Theogonist to uproot evil wherever it may be hidden, they find much to do in the city of Mordheim. Witch Hunter warbands are small in number but carry some of the most exquisite arms that imperial coin can buy (that, and they have some of the craziest nutters following them into battle).

My Witch Hunters are based on the Mordheim range with some additions from the old Warhammer Quest game. The colours are black and red to create an aggressive yet sombre look.

Leaders: The warband is led by dual wielding pistolier ( old Warhammer Quest model). The priest is an old Warhammer special character that fit the role perfectly. 

Mordheim Witch Hunter - Lords

Witch Hunters: There is such a wealth of nice Witch Hunter models that I just had to paint up each of them (initial and late release). The crossbow is the only missile weapon in the warband and the two torch bearers just scream: “Burn Witch!”. Note my transition from “visual” (yellow outside) to “physical” (yellow inside) fire sometime between the initial release (right model) and the later release (left model).

Mordheim Witch Hunter - Witch Hunters

Flagellants: The middle models are from the Mordheim range while the outer models are left-overs from my old Empire army. Crazy people with giant flails, what’s not to love…

Mordheim Witch Hunter - Flagellants

Zealots: Slightly less crazy people with an assortment of weapons, plus some dogs. All from the Mordheim range.

Mordheim Witch Hunter - Mob
Mordheim Witch Hunter - Hounds

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