Ork Group Shot

The Green Horde in all its completed glory. A solid 12885 points of greenish glow. The trays are occupied by Clan, so we have:

Top tray, left: Bad Moon Clan with lots of Nobz, a Big Mob, many Big Gun formations with Mekboyz, a dozen Gun Wagons including Wierdboy Towers, and a Stompa Mob with Supa Stompa

Top tray, middle: Blood Axe Clan with Stormboyz, a Mob, Kommandoes and Objective

Top tray, right: Goff Clan with Stompas, a Huge Mob with Dreadnoughts and Kans, and a dozen Gun Wagons

Bottom tray, left: Evil Sunz Clan with Bikes, LOTS of Buggies, Wartracks and Scorchas, some Deathkoptas, a dozen Gun Wagons, Gargant, Fighta-Bombas, Landa and Objective

Botom tray, right: Deathskullz Clan with a Huge Mob, Battle Wagons, Stompa Mob with Supa Stompa, a dozen Gun Wagons, Flak Wagons, two Gun Fortresses, a Battle Fortress, Objective and Great Gargant

Hidden at the back of the tray are the Snakebite Clan Boar Boyz, Squiggoth and Squig Catapults (in the middle)

My 40k Ork horde is still unpainted, so I added a snapshot of their less technologically advanced cousins from the Warhammer world instead. This was my very first Warhammer army (and thus first miniature army at all). From the glory days of 1988 to 1992. They actually got replaced by my first wave of interest in Epic in the early 90’s (a huge collection that I regrettably sold at the end of the 90’s – only to slowly buy everything back at inflated prices now 😦 ).

BFG planes

A small diversion, I finished up some Forge World models for Battlefleet Gothic. Just some Ork Fighta-Bommerz and Eldar fighters & bombers. This finalizes my Battlefleet Gothic collection, at least until I get inspired by another fleet (notably, BFG is now the second 100% painted game system – DBA being the other). Now if only I could shift the “big” systems to that status too…