Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard army is a normal Steel Legion list with the appropriately large number of tanks. The back-bone units are two infantry, one artillery and two tank formations with all other available support formations available as well. Despite the larger number of vehicles, the low point cost of the Imperial Guard makes it the smallest in the collection.
All models are painted Shadow Grey over black undercoat followed by a drybrush of Fortress Grey. Metal is painted Boltgun Metal and gets a Brown wash. The entire model is then washed with Black. A few highlights and detail in Blood Red for contrast and that’s it.

Mechanised Company (Regimental Command): A mechanised infantry company with command options and an assault group of Ogryns. The Ogryns are transported in the old Gorgons (“count-as” Chimeras).

Some Griffon mortars tracks and heavy support teams in wide-body chimeras can also be added to provide integrated long range support.

Infantry Companies: Two basic infantry companies with command options and a support group of Ratling Snipers.

Tank Companies: Two companies of Leman Russ Battle tanks with supporting squadrons of Demolishers, Vanquishers and Destructor variants. All the hulls are Epic 40k era multi-part metal which gives a nice range of combinations. The turrets are also Epic 40k era though some of the variants are Forge World resin casts.

Assault Tank Company: A full company of Hellhounds based on the Epic 40k multi part models. This isn’t a legal company formation so the Hellhounds are usually assigned in attachments to other formations.

Cavalry Company: Another company in name only in the form of two squadrons of Rough Rider with a converted Commissar model.

A squadron of Sentinels and some Salamander Scout Tanks complete the pseudo-formation.

Super Heavy Tank Companies: Two full companies of super heavy tanks including four Baneblades, two Shadowswords and a Stormhammer.

Artillery Companies: At least one squadron of each of the available artillery units in the Steel Legion list allows me to field any type of company formation. Most of the models are Epic40k era metal with the odd Forge World resin cast thrown in where the old model didn’t look as attractive.

Anti-Aircraft Company: Another illegal company that is fielded as support detachments for conventional companies or as individual squadrons.

Inquisitorial Troops: Since the new 40k edition pushed Stormtrooper into the Inquisition rather than Imperial Guard list I tried to follow the same direction. The Stormtrooper are supported by Valkyries and Vultures. The commissar model is based on a space marine captain to give the impression of an Inquisitor leading the unit.

Air Force: The imperial air force consists of several squadrons of Marauder Bombers and Thunderbolt Fighter-Bombers. The models use the same paint scheme as the ground vehicles but without the “dirt” wash stage since aircraft presumably don’t pick up as much dust.

Praetorian: The initial Epic game rules (Space Marine) had a class of imperial vehicles that was even heavier than Super Heavy Tanks. These were called Praetorian and the mighty Leviathan Command Praetorian was one of them.

Objectives: The Imperial Guard objectives include a fixed AA platform, an imperial bunker and a crashed vulture for the Inquisitorial troops to rescue. I picked up some plaster cast bunkers somewhere and added them to the lot.

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