Flames of War Ruined Huts

I finished some bombed out 15mm buildings. These will mostly be used for rural landscapes in Flames 0f War (say in Russia) but the lack of “tech” on the models also makes them useful for quite a range of earlier historical periods. They are a rough match for my undamanged wooden huts below. All models are resin cast from unknown manufacturers (or at least I forgot…).

15mm Terrain - Wood Cabin Ruins 215mm Terrain - Wood Cabin Ruins 1

 15mm Terrain - Wood Cabins 115mm Terrain - Wood Cabins 2

Flames of War Bunkers

I am slowly chipping away at a small mountain of Flames of War 15mm resin cast pieces from different manufacturers. I acquired all that stuff in a burst of enthusiasm and now it’s sluggishly getting done. This one is a small single piece bunker. I am still trying to figure out how to do decent aged concret. This technique uses a lot of streaking whereas I have previously just drybrushed (older example of drybrushed bunker below).

Flames of War Bunker