Averlander Warband

Averlander are one of the customized human warbands added late to the Mordheim game. The province of Averland is wealthy but subject to constant attack from the south. Bordering the mighty World’s Edge Mountains, the soldiers of Averland have to guard Black Fire Pass – the main path into the Empire from the south and thus frequent invasion point for Orc armies moving up from the Badlands.

The Averland colours are yellow and black. I painted the warband in this style by first painting all the yellow portions – a labourious process of many thin layers working up from ochre to bright yellow with a wash of Reikland Flesh in between – and then everything else.

Leaders: The Warband is led by a veteran of the Averland Mountain Guard armed with a massive hammer and a pistol. The Sergeant likewise wields a big sword and a pistol. The not-so-young Youngblood just gets the big sword (with a bright red beard to denote his “youth”). The load-outs are far from ideal but those are the classic models.

Mordheim Averlander - Heroes

Added to this are two Bergjaeger who provide heroic long-range support for the Warband. The models are old Bretonnian squires which seems to fit the style of the Averlander force.

Mordheim Averlander - Berjaeger

Mountain Guards: The bulk of the henchmen group is made up of four Mountain Guards armed with halberds. The mono-pose style of the classic warband is bad enough that I didn’t want to duplicate entire models, so I added two models from the ancient War Wagon kit of the Empire to it. The style matches and adds a bit of variety.

Mordheim Averlander - Warriors

The halberdiers are supported by two Marksmen with blunderbusses. Again, one classic model and one from the War Wagon kit.

Mordheim Averlander - Gunners

Halflings: Averland shares a border with the Moot – the ancient homeland of the Halflings – so the Warband can include up to three Halflings. The superb archers provide great mid-range support for the Warband. The models are from the old Halfling Scouts Regiment of Renown.

Mordheim Averlander - Halflings