Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a curious blend of wargaming, board game dynamics and sports analogies. Teams of madly raving players meet on a football-like pitch to compete in a brutalized version of that game. Imaging American football but with Trolls, chainsaw wielding Goblins and many fatalities. These aspects are part of the Warhammer world though with a few “alternative universe” twists (e.g. “Kabal Vision” allows matches to be broadcasted).

History: The game has had a long and successful history with player groups all over the world. Currently supported by the Specialist Games system, Blood Bowl doesn’t require a lot of accessories or models. The game plays very quickly (~45minutes per match) and the introduction of squares on the pitch reduces complexity considerably. This lack of abstract dynamics has also made the rule system extremely stable over several revisions unlike some of the other games in the Games Workshop range.

Scale: Blood Bowl models are in the same scale as the Warhammer range. Most models are specifically created for the game though some players have successfully introduced conversions of Warhammer models.

Basing & Painting: I use a standard basing scheme for Blood Bowl miniature: black sand or pumice as the texture followed by drybrushing Bestial Brown and Bleached Bone. The models receive a higher than usual amount of static grass to give the impression of a grassy pitch. I scatted a few old bones across the bases as decorative elements.

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