Carnival of Chaos

The Carnival of Chaos was a late addition to the game as a variant for the traditional Possessed Warband representing the Chaos forces. In classic Mordheim fashion, the Carnival combines chaotic and humorous elements. The models are just fantastic, especially for their age. I painted them in the classic red and yellow scheme with some green skin mixed in for the demons.

Leaders: The Master leads the Warband wielding two pistols to keep the riff-raff in line. A Tainted One with chain flails add to the craziness of the Carnival.

Mordheim Carnival - Heroes

Two Brutes with massive bludgeoning weapons provide the stomping power of the Warband.

Mordheim Carnival - Brutes

The Warband can also draw onto the daemonic support of two Plaguebearers.

Mordheim Carnival - Plaguebearers

Henchmen: The bulk of the Warband is made up of Brethren and a group of cute little Nurglings.

Mordheim Carnival - Regulars

Coach: The Warband can call upon a corrupted Coach. The original model is impossible to find for sane prices so I converted on using an MDF kit and lots of Empire/Undead/Chaos bitz.