High Elf Fleet

Elves fleets are highly manoeuvrable, fast, deadly at range but extremely fragile. I followed the classic Man O’ War paint scheme with the addition of a few red accents. The sails are vector graphics that I had to re-trade from a scan of the original Man O’ War sail sheets. I then painted in the outline with acrylics. The Elven Runes on the flags are unique for each ship and match those on the ship cards.

Man-o-War: The two Dragon Ships are long range monster and can easily sink an enemy ship long before it comes close enough to fight back.

Independent: Eagle Ships came in boxes of three but somehow I ended up with four of them.

Ship of the Line: While I have too many Eagle Ships, I am definitely short on Hawk Ships with only a single squadron.

Flyer: The High Elves have multiple choices for flyers. The Eagle Riders are a good low point option while the Dragon Riders pack serious combat power. I painted up the dragons as fire and ice types to go with the blue and red theme of the fleet.

2 replies on “High Elf Fleet”

The dragonships are not long ranged ships, they only have two foward Balista and one broadside. These can get by and do damage, espicially with the elf range template, but the dragonships real power is in the dragonblades, which do 1d6 damage and counts as movement, so if you sink a ship you can just keep going.

Sorry to spread multiple post, but the eagleships are also Man o wars, not independent, this can be confusing but if you look in the rules/eagleship template, it clearly says Man o’ war

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