Beastmen Warband

Beastmen were added to Mordheim during one of the wilderness supplements. They are a hyper-aggressive Warband that packs a lot of punch if properly focused.

Beastmen don’t have much in the way of heraldry or unit indicators so I used the skin of the models to distinguish different levels. Similar to Orcs, I am assuming that Beastmen skin gets darker as they grow more powerful.

Leaders: The pack is led by a mighty Chieftain based on the old Warhammer Beastlord model. He is so impressive that I had to use a 32mm based to make everything fit! The Shaman offers the only ranged capabilities of the Warband. He is an albino which I thought was fitting for one blessed by the Chaos Gods.

Mordheim Beastmen - Heroes

Supporting them are four Bestigors including two classic models with halberds and two plastic models painted to match. I know that you can’t take four, but I had plenty of plastic models lying round so I added some extra for variety.

Mordheim Beastmen - Bestigors

Horde: The henchmen class of the Warband is made up of 6 Gors and 5 smaller Ungors to provide some bulk.

Mordheim Beastmen - Gors
Mordheim Beastmen - Ungors

Monsters: The mighty Minotaur offers massive combat power to the Warband. Though technically a Hero, the often drunk Centigor joins in this category. He is one of the few Mordheim-specific models in this Warband.

Mordheim Beastmen - Big Guys

A pair of Beasthounds provide a bit of speed to the foot sloggers.

Mordheim Beastmen - Hounds