Undead Warband

Undead creatures roam the city of Mordheim at night, preying on the flesh of the living. Necromancers and vampires have the ability to bind these creatures to their will and thus form warbands capable of unspeakable acts.

My Undead warband started out as an EBay purchase of painted models that looked too decent to strip. I used the existing paint job as a base on which to build highlights and more detail. Other models were added later to match the original paint scheme and the whole lot was re-based on my standard Mordheim configuration.

Leaders: A Strigoi Vampire and a Wraith Lord lead the warband. Both are unconventional model but I just use them as Vampires with either dual wielded swords (the Strigoi claws) or double handed weapon.

Mordheim Undead - Vampires.JPG

Dregs: Dregs are the menial servants of the Vampires and more or less the only sentient not-yet-dead creatures of the warband. The models are from the Mordheim range with some conversions that I inherited. The middle model is usually the Necromancer of the warband.

Mordheim Undead - Dregs

Specialists: Though not traditionally part of the Undead warband in Mordheim, the Banshees have become iconic for the current Warhammer Vampire Count army. I use special rules for them in narrative campaigns. Same for the Wraith and the other assorted models.

Mordheim Undead - Specials

Ghouls: Ghouls are incredibly powerful models, despite their lack of weapons. The models are from the Mordheim range. They were the nicest models from the purchase and required only a little clean-up and rebasing work.

Mordheim Undead - Ghouls

Zombies: Braaaiiinnns…

Mordheim Undead - Zombies

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