Painting Warhammer

Forest Goblins

A small contingent of Forest Goblins joins the mighty Waaagh. The spider riders are stock while the infantry unit is based on the old metal models from 30+ years ago with a big tree unit filler.

Painting Warhammer

Warhammer Black Orc Big Bosses

A couple more Black Orc heroes. Can’t ever have enough animosity fixers!

Painting Warhammer

Warhammer Black Orcs

Black Orcs are the epitome of brute force. A nice block of 30 though I am basing many of them on 50x50mm or 75x25mm bases with fewer models per base than technically required. This creates a bit more space between the models which otherwise are really wedged tightly together.

Leading the force is the mighty Grimgor Ironhide and a generic Big Boss. Still working on a Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer to complete the line-up. They are based on 50x25mm bases to line up with the rest of the mob while having some space around them. It’s physically impossible to fit these models onto a single 25x25mm base in a formation…

Painting Warhammer

Savage Orcs

Work on my “new” Orc army is progressing. I am going through these in thematic blocks. The regular Orcs are mostly done – baring some characters – in the few previous posts. This now adds the Savage Orc contingent.

The group is lead by Wurzag Da Great Green Prophet in both mounted and walking format. He is joined by two fellow shamans and a Big Boss to add some punch to the mob. I just love the old shaman models!

WFB Orcs - Wurzag Combo
WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Shamans
WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Big Boss

The main mob is 25 strong including a unit filler of a simplistic icon carried on the shoulders of the boyz.

WFB Orcs - Orcs 2 Rear

A mounted group of ten boar boyz rounds out the Savage Orc contingent.

WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Boar Boyz
Painting Warhammer

Orc Chariot and Shaman

More Orcs. One of the chariots has boss-like model in the back just in case I want to ever uses it as a character mount. Both have been upgraded to the “modern” boars to fit in with the rest of the horde. At the bottom is an old school Orc Shaman. WFB Orcs - Orc Chariot 1WFB Orcs - Orc Chariot 2WFB Orcs - Orc Shaman

Painting Warhammer

Orc Boar Riders

More core formations for the mighty Waaagh.

WFB Orcs - Boar Boyz 1WFB Orcs - Boar Boyz 2

Painting Warhammer

Orcs from the World that was…

When the Warhammer World was killed by Games Workshop, I impulsively bought all the armies that I didn’t have yet (and all available models for each such army…). So now I am stuck with a few thousand Warhammer models. Slowly working my way through the pile with the Orcs first in the lineup. First some core infantry units – one of 30 (including a looted cow…), one of 25 (including a pig carrying barrels which is hard to see in the back now that I look at the photos 😦 ). I decided for irregular basing which fits with the wild style of the Orcs.

WFB Orcs - Orcs 1 RearWFB Orcs - Orcs 1 SideWFB Orcs - Orcs 1WFB Orcs - Orcs 2 SideWFB Orcs - Orcs 2


Mordheim Painting

Mordheim Orcs

While waiting for various washes from Maelstrom Games, I finished up the Orc boyz on my desk. Last year I had a grand ambition to build a Warhammer Orc army (or rather another one since I already have a very old Orc force from 3rd edition). The year before I was planning (and buying) a Warhammer 40k Ork horde. I guess I am attracted to green somehow. For once, I was prudent enough to make a small “trial” first: a Mordheim Orc warband. A modest 30 models to give me a feel for the drudgery of painting green skin. I finished the skin for all 30 and then stalled very quickly. A year alter, the core boyz are finally done. Not a very successful trial…
Mordheim Orcs - Boyz with SwordsMordheim Orcs - Boyz with SpearsMordheim Orcs - Big'Uns

EPIC Painting

Ork Group Shot

The Green Horde in all its completed glory. A solid 12885 points of greenish glow. The trays are occupied by Clan, so we have:

Top tray, left: Bad Moon Clan with lots of Nobz, a Big Mob, many Big Gun formations with Mekboyz, a dozen Gun Wagons including Wierdboy Towers, and a Stompa Mob with Supa Stompa

Top tray, middle: Blood Axe Clan with Stormboyz, a Mob, Kommandoes and Objective

Top tray, right: Goff Clan with Stompas, a Huge Mob with Dreadnoughts and Kans, and a dozen Gun Wagons

Bottom tray, left: Evil Sunz Clan with Bikes, LOTS of Buggies, Wartracks and Scorchas, some Deathkoptas, a dozen Gun Wagons, Gargant, Fighta-Bombas, Landa and Objective

Botom tray, right: Deathskullz Clan with a Huge Mob, Battle Wagons, Stompa Mob with Supa Stompa, a dozen Gun Wagons, Flak Wagons, two Gun Fortresses, a Battle Fortress, Objective and Great Gargant

Hidden at the back of the tray are the Snakebite Clan Boar Boyz, Squiggoth and Squig Catapults (in the middle)

My 40k Ork horde is still unpainted, so I added a snapshot of their less technologically advanced cousins from the Warhammer world instead. This was my very first Warhammer army (and thus first miniature army at all). From the glory days of 1988 to 1992. They actually got replaced by my first wave of interest in Epic in the early 90’s (a huge collection that I regrettably sold at the end of the 90’s – only to slowly buy everything back at inflated prices now 😦 ).


Warmaster up

Warmaster Orcs & Goblins, Empire, Chaos, Dwarves and Tomb Kings are up: