Hired Swords

Hired Swords are mercenaries available to most of the warbands. Some are useful to augment the abilities of a warband, others can add a valuable new dimension such as shooting skills to a combat focused warband. I have accumulated a number of Hired Swords, both from the Mordheim range as well as bunch of custom models from past narrative campaigns.

Wizards: The necromancer, exorcist and hedge wizard (from the left) provide different types of magical support to those who desire it. The models are all from the Warhammer range. The hedge wizard in the middle was originally an Empire Amber Wizard and was one of my first painted Warhammer models. His age definitely shows…

Mordheim Personas - Wizards

Mercenaries: I have used mercenary Hired Swords in narrative campaigns to balance competing warbands. The mercenaries are regular human captains or champions that can join warbands in a similar way to Journeymen in the Blood Bowl system (i.e. the underdog gets a free Champion/Captain depending on the gap in warband value). All models are from the Mordheim range and painted up in colours not usually associated with any of the traditional mercenary warbands (to avoid confusion).

Mordheim Personas - Mercenaries
Mordheim Personas - Mercenary

Travellers: Small but feisty, the Halfling Scout is a superb archer for a very low price. The Dwarf Troll Slayer can add some combat punch to most warbands. Both are Mordheim models. The merchant hails from Araby and has some of the finest goods for sale (and a big sword to defend them against free-riders…). The Witch Hunter is a Warhammer Empire model – I got two of them – and the Marco Colombo model is from a limited edition run a long time ago.

Mordheim Personas - Halflings
Mordheim Personas - Merchant Slayer
Mordheim Personas - Witch Hunter Explorer

Chaos Villains: Narrative campaigns sometimes need neutral arch villains and what better choice than the twisted followers of Chaos. The Tzeentch sorcerer with his familiar can be removed from the large custom base. The other two are old chaos warrior models from the Warhammer range.

Mordheim Personas - Tzeench Sorceror
Mordheim Personas - Chaos Warriors

Assassins: Assassins are a very thematic option for Mordheim campaigns so I made a few of them. The models are old Dogs of War models from the Warhammer range.

Mordheim Personas - Duellists

Children: Can’t forget the little ones. These came with the Peasant Mob pack for Mordheim with the adult variants used as Zealots for my Witch Hunter Warband.

Mordheim Personas - Children

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