Dwarf Fleet

Dwarves are arguable the technologically most advanced Man O’ War fleet. They use the equivalent of 19th century ironclad steamships and even manage submersibles! My fleet uses the same dark green and yellow scheme that I originally “invented” for my Mordheim Dwarf warband. The runes on the smokestacks are unique and tie each model to their ship card. Most of the ships also have other colour coding that is tied to their card (e.g. yellow rings on smoke stacks, etc.).

Man-o-War: The Dreadnought is the only official Dwarf Man-o-War class ship.

Independent: Even though they are independent ships, the Ironclads basically form the workhorse of the fleet.

The Nautilus submersible is another model that didn’t do so well in the “3 per set” packaging of Man O’ War. Worse, I ended up with two boxes somehow. I gave two models away but four submersibles is still three too many. Fifth model is a placeholder for dive runs.

Ship of the Line: Two squadrons of Monitors are the main formations of the fleet. While under-crewed and under-gunned (for Dwarves) , they are at least cheap enough to add mass.

Flyer: Gyrocopter and War Balloons are both iconic flyers for the Dwarf army in the Warhammer world.

2 replies on “Dwarf Fleet”

Gyrocopter and balloons may be iconic, but with Man O’ War’s poor rules for flyers they are a complete waste of points. Attacking even the weakest ship with them is likely to end up with a dead flyer squadron and an unharmed enemy ship.

But remember, dwarves aren’t the only race with submersibles. Orc Drillakillas dive all the time. Now if only they could figure out how to make them come back up…

Also, the Ironclads count as Man o’ war if I’m not mistaked, and are not independent, and are the monitors really underpowered with a 360 degree turret and a ram? I’m particularly fond of ironclads myself, they’re probably my favorite 150 point ship of the line.

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