Prussian Empire

When Dystopian Wars went out of business, I stumbled upon a very large set of discounted boxes for the the Empire of Prussia and promptly bought everything on impulse. This includes just about all models released for this faction. Everything languished in storage for a few years – my buying impulses rarely translate immediately into painting momentum – but eventually I got around to painting it all.

The paint approach is pretty straightforward with airbrushing for the main colours and overall wash, followed by detail work. The Prussian flag ribbons at a bit of style but everything else is very simplistic. The bases are 3D printed and then use water effects for the waves.

Naval Force

The naval contingent features a mighty Blucher Dreadnought, a Rhine Carrier and the Emperor Battleship as its the main heavy ships.

Ships of the line include two Konigsberg Battlecruisers, three Reiver Cruisers, and three Hussar Gunships.

At the squadron level we have nine Arminius Frigates, six Saxony Corvettes, six Stolz Destroyers, and six Wachter Escorts

Land Force

The land contingent centers around a massive A9-V Sturmpanzer and four HM-1 Recke Heavy Tanks.

Supporting these mighty warmachines are six A6-V Medium Tanks, six A2-L Ritter Light Tanks, three B3-S Bombards, and a swarm of Walze Small Tanks

Air Force

In the air, the Empire fields a mighty Imperium Sky Fortress and a Gewitterwolke Airship.

Small aerial craft include two Plight Scoutships, two Geier Bomber, three Jager Small Airships, three Speerwurf Light Zeppelins and a group of smaller aeroplanes.