Hail Caesar

I first dabbled in the historical wargaming space with skirmish games such as SAGA or smaller scales such as Flames of War or DBA. But the lure of a “big battle” historical collection was always there in the background. For a long time I hesitated between the Napoleonic, American Civil War and Ancient period. This dilemma was resolved when kind friends gave me a Warlord Games Hail Caesar starter set as a birthday gift. A quick purchase of a few more miniatures – well, a thousand more – and I had the beginnings of a Hail Caesar ancient collection.

After some research, I decided to use 60x60mm MDF bases for all my Hail Caesar armies. While a bit larger than the typical 40mm or 50mm bases, this allowed me to use a uniform basing system for infantry, cavalry and command models with the latter using round bases. Infantry bases hold 6 models in two ranks or in a disorderly mob of 5-6 in the case of warbands. Cavalry are two to a base which leaves room for landscaping.

My endeavor started with an Early Imperial Roman army but there are Dacians, Celtic, Gallic and Germanic forces in various stages of assembly at this point. Ancients, here I come!