Ogre Warband

Ogres aren’t part of the Mordheim world beyond individual Ogre bodyguards as Hired Swords. Still, I had plenty of the plastic models lying round so I converted a bunch of them into a Warband. The paint scheme served as a trial run for my Warhammer Ogre Kingdom army. The rusty weapons – Ogres didn’t seem like a maintenance-obsessed culture – are made using various rust pigments and lots of drybrushing.

Leaders: The mighty Tyrant leads the Warband. The model is a basic plastic kit with some embellishments to make him out as the leader. The Butcher was also converted from a plastic kit by adding his apron and lots of blood. The Bruiser is armed with two Iron Fists just for fun (had to twist one around to make it fit the right arm).

Mordheim Ogres - Heroes

Henchmen: Three regular Ogres make up the regular warriors, if one can call Ogres “regular”.

Mordheim Ogres - Regulars

Finally, I added six Gnoblars. These are not from Games Workshop but I don’t know the manufacturer since I picked them up on Ebay at some distant time in the past. Still, very characterful models that fit the Ogre style to a dot.

Mordheim Ogres - Gnoblars