High Elves

When Games Workshop destroyed the Warhammer World, I decided on the spot to build every one of the available armies – those that I didn’t have yet – just in case this part of history would disappear forever. The High Elves were the first of these forces. I simply bought everything available in the range and set out to paint it. This is still a work in progress with units being added over time.

The paint scheme is the classic blue and white of the High Elves with autumn basing. Nothing fancy, but it does look nice on the tabletop.

Legendary Lords

The High Elves are spoiled for choice with legendary leaders. Mightiest of all are the brothers Tyrion and Teclis.

Eltharion the Grim on his mighty Griffon provides air support but is also available in his later iteration as Eltharion the Blind.

Another Griffon is ridden by the Prince from the Island of Blood boxed set.

Alarielle the Radiant comes together with a Handmaiden of the Everqueen.

Alith Anar, the Shadow King, Korhil, Caradryan and Prince Althran complete the range of legendary heroes.

Lords and Heroes

With some many legendary lords there is not much reason to paint up more character models but I have never needed good reasons. The center piece is a Prince on Star Dragon which is magnetized to be ridden by an Archmage as well.

Nobles come on foot, mounted and carrying a Battle Standard.

WFB High Elf - Blind Hero

Specialized heroes come in the shape of an Anointed of Asuryan and a Lothern Sea Helm.

Magical support is provided by three Mages, a Loremaster of Hoeth and a mounted Dragon Mage of Caledor.

Citizen Troops

The citizen of the elven realm are mighty warriors in their own right. A unit if 20 Spearmen and another of 24 Archers offer a relatively inexpensive way to hold the center.

WFB High Elf - Spearmen
WFB High Elf - Archers

A unit of 20 Lothern Sea Guard provide further staying power to the elven line while an Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower can touch anything on the battlefield.

WFB High Elf - Lothern Seaguard
WFB High Elf - Bolt Thrower

Elite Troops

The elite formations of the High Elves were a pleasure to paint and add a bit of variety to the citizen units. 24 White Lions – including a couple of actual lions – can protect the general of the army.

The Phoenix Guard are grim but quite beautiful with their flaming cloaks.

WFB High Elf - Phoenix Guard
WFB High Elf - Phoenix Guard Rear

A small unit of 10 Swordmasters makes a break line-breaker due to their high number of attacks on a small frontage.

WFB High Elf - Swordmasters

Ten Shadow Warriors and ten Sisters of Avelorn offer specialized missile support. They are on a custom skirmish base for easy of movement (all my models are magnetized so the bases are steel plates with plastic side walls which in this case was used to create a full surface with just holes for the models).

WFB High Elf - Shadow Warriors


The elven army has plenty of cavalry choices in each weight class. Leading the charge are the heavy knights of the Dragon Princes of Caledorn.

Mid-weight are the Silver Helms. The horse tails were an airbrushing experiment that worked out quite nicely I think.

WFB High Elf - Silver Helms

The light cavalry component is covered by two small units of Ellyrian Reavers from the Island of Blood boxed set.

A White Lion Chariot and a Tirannoc Chariot adds some punch to the cavalry formations.


The High Elves can call upon some of the mightiest monsters. The Dragon above is magnetized to be fielded without a rider if that’s desired. The next monster is a Frostheart Phoenix which was another airbrush experiment. The top crest is magnetized and can be swapped for a rider. I decided to give the Flamespyre Phoenix a pass because the red flames just really didn’t fit into the blue and white High Elf army.

WFB High Elf - Frostheart Phoenix

A Great Eagle can take out enemy warmachines while another pulls a Lothern Skycutter.