Welcome to the left-over section of my collection. These models are one-offs painted up for role playing campaigns with my kids or the occasionally truly random inspiration. Speaking of children, my youngest daughter pointed out that my collection was light on kids – though there are some in the Mordheim range – so I painted up a bunch of young’us for various races.

RPG - Children

A similar dearth of heroic female characters led to a selection of models for role playing choices for early intro games at younger ages.

RPG - Female Heroes

Our current campaign – now graduated to 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons – features a female Half-Elf Wizard, a female Forest Gnome Druid and a Dwarf Fighter. Daddy trying his best to find suitable models…

RPG - DnD Heroes

Pets were requested – and a nasty Lizardman – so of course those were delivered as well.

RPG - Familiars

The intro game of D&D featured some Bugbears so here they are.

RPG - Gnolls