Orc Warband

The real Orcs and Goblin Warband of Mordheim is a combined force but due to the large number of models, I have split them into two pages. The Orcs on this page can draw on the Goblin Warband for any support.

Orcs are a fun Warband with a very unpredictable nature. I painted the models are a trial run for my Warhammer Orcs and Goblin army to try out the skin recipe (Gretchin Green, Bleached Bone wetbrush, Agrax Earthshade wash, two coats of Biel-Tan Green wash). The models are mostly from the plastic kits with some old metal models thrown in for variety.

Leaders: Maybe the largest leader of any Mordheim Warband in my collection, the Orc Boss is based on Grimgor Ironhide. Probably too big for Mordheim, but I just love the model. The Orc Shaman is a classic model that fits in nicely with the style of Mordheim.

Mordheim Orcs - Lords.JPG

Two Big Uns with dual weapons round out the Hero section.

Mordheim Orcs - Bosses.JPG

Henchmen: The Orc mob consists of three Orcs with Spears and two with Swords. This looks small until you add the Goblins.

Mordheim Orcs - Boyz