Tyranid Fleet

The Tyranid Fleet is a late addition to Battlefleet Gothic and it took me a while to get around to building one. Building being the operative word since – unlike other fleets – all of these models had to be scratch-build Most of the parts are from 40k Tyranid models which took a bit of planning to buy the right bitz on Ebay. Claws are obvious but I tried to use a consistent style for the other weapon options throughout the fleet. The paint scheme matches that of my Epic Tyranids with a muted camo style suitable for organic lifeforms.

Battleships: I was trying to match the aesthetic of the original metal Hive Ship while tying it into the style of the scratch-build models in the rest of the fleet. Some Forgeworld sacrifices had to be made to achieve this, but I am pleased with the result: two mighty Hive Ships to lead the fleet.

BFG Tyranids - Hive Ships

The Hive Ships can generate tons of Ordnance including Assault Boats, Fighters and Torpedoes (also usable as spores).

BFG Tyranids - Assault Boats
BFG Tyranids - Fighters

Cruisers: Tyranid Cruisers can come with a variety of weapons so I just modelled three with enough variation to allow for most combinations.

BFG Tyranids - Cruisers

Escorts: The escort section is where the Tyranid list really shines. Since 40k bitz are relatively cheap, I decided to build every weapon combination for every bioform – and all in relatively larger numbers.

The Kraken squadrons of 6 come with Pyro-Acid, Feeder Tentacles and Massive Claws.

BFG Tyranids - Acid Kraken
BFG Tyranids - Tentacle Kraken
BFG Tyranids - Claw Kraken

The Vanguard Drones come in a dozen with Feeder Tentacles (nothing else seemed really useful for them).

BFG Tyranids - Vanguard Drones 1
BFG Tyranids - Vanguard Drones 2

The Escort Drones come with either Pyro-Acid or Bio-Plasma.

BFG Tyranids - Acid Drones
BFG Tyranids -Plasma Drones