Ostlander Warband

Ostland is the Alabama of the Warhammer World – an impoverish backwater full of inbred ruffians who take great pride in their history without having much to show for themselves (apologies to any Alabamian readers!). This background makes them more differentiated than other “classic Empire” warbands and opens space for very interesting models. The warband is formed around the official release of Ostland models with some addition to round out the equipment options. The black and white colours of Ostland are pretty straightforward with just enough greys mixed in to yield some variety.

Unlike the other Mordheim Warbands, it was never quite clear to me who the leader models where in the Ostlander release. The central model below is the Priest of Taal but after that it all gets blurry. Thus, I have just painted up some equipment options of each type and left it at that.

Some heavies with double handed weapons of which, I think, the left one is supposed to be the Elder. The center model is a plastic variant.

The pistol gang. Probably all regular warriors.

Big rifles are the magic ingredients of any Ostlander Warband so I added a second Blunderbuss (right)

The Ostlander Warband features an Ogre as a core option so I painted him up to match. Big Cousin Crunch!