Goblin Team

The Goblin team is an outgrowth of my Orc team. It all started with the simple desire to add two Goblins to provide something for Morg’n’Thorg to throw across the pitch. Goblins come in packs of four. And the secret weapons just look to cool to pass up. So that’s half a team right there already and with the famous last words of “well, why not finish it”, I bought another few Goblins.

The paint scheme matches the Orcs because they really started out together. I think of the Goblins as the “Little Leagues” division for their bigger cousins. More info on the “Green Skin” painting technique is available on the Orc page.

Secret Weapons: Goblins with chainsaws, bombs and big ball and chains. What’s not to love?

BB Goblin - Specialists

Linemen: Goblins are too weedy and dimwitted to become positional players so Linemen make up the bulk of the team. Fourteen of the buggers are enough for a full roster even if some of the secret weapon carriers are temporarily not affordable in league play.

BB Goblins - Linemen 1
BB Goblins - Linemen 2

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