Sisters of Sigmar Warband

The Sisters of Sigmar are the spiritual guardians of the Empire’s primary god. Their monastery on the rock of Mordheim has become the cornerstone of their campaign to save the souls of the city.

My Sisters warband is based on the original Mordheim set as well as the later release wave of multi-part pewter models. The paint scheme is the traditional red and beige of the sisterhood. The first wave of models is quite old and was done during the times when heavy inking was the height of painting skill (at least mine). The later batch uses more advanced techniques while trying to blend in with the original models.

Leaders: Two Matriarchs provide weapon choices between steel whip and double handed hammer. Bertha Bestraufung is added as a third option if needed.

Mordheim Sisters - Leaders

Two Sisters Superior dual wield warhammers. Like the Augur, they are from the initial Mordheim release. 

Mordheim Sisters - Heroes

Sisters: The bulk of the warband are regular sisters with an assortment of weapons. Three wield flails, two with hammer and buckler, and one with a mighty double handed Warhammer. The models are a mix of initial and later release.

Mordheim Sisters - Sisters

Novices: The novices are equipped with simple hammers. The two novice models with whips were my initial take on “steel whips” before I realised that “steel whips” are actually quite literally supposed to be made from steel. I have another set of 7 unpainted sisters and novices from the second release so I might make up some of those with real steel whips (right after painting some of the other dozens of “add a few more models” projects…).

Mordheim Sisters - Novices

3 replies on “Sisters of Sigmar Warband”


Was wondering if you’re looking to sell on any of the sisters or other mordheim minis. Please let me know via email

Cheers – Kafka

I wish I could buy Mordheim still, but its OOP…anyone have any ideas where to get a safe buy on the set? at a humane price?

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