Necron Objectives

Two regular objectives and a Tomb Complex. The obelisks are from the Tactical Commands forum. The main complex is just some bases with the same belt decoration that went onto the Abattoir to give a consistent look across the force. The bases are too large from the obelisks but I standardized on 60mm objective bases for all Epic forces…

Epic Necron - Tomb Complex

Necron Abattoir

The first Harvester Engine. A custom-built model using the common design from the Tactical Commands forum (i.e. stacking Warhammer bases). The brass pyramid on top is a belt decoration from a clothing accessory store. The chains are actual chains from the same store (soaked with superglue to make them rigid).

Necron C’Tan

Nightbringer and Deceiver. Nightbringer is a custom sculpt that was cast by a talented UK modeller. Deceiver is from the same modeller as a one-off Green Stuff creation. The model came out a bit shorter than the earlier Deceiver model so I added the ruin. I think that it also fits nicely with hise motion pose.