Eldar Avatar and Titans

After a longish break from painting, I finally wrapped up the remaining Eldar items for the Tale of Epic Gamers going on at the Tactical Commands forum.

The Avatar was redone from the previously failed “molten lava” attempt. He is still rising from lava but transitions from heated orange to bone white around the kneecap.

I magnetized the titans for flexibility. The heads can be swapped between Phantom and Warlock configuration. Both arms can be switched as well to field any combination of weaponry (I have at least two of each weapon type). I also adjusted the pose of one of the titans to make them less similar.

Failed Eldar Avatar wip

July wasn’t the greatest month for ToEG:

1 Autarch
8 Warp Spiders
8 Shining Spears

Just 600 meager points. That only left the big guys: 2 big Titans, 2 Revenant Titans and the Avatar. The latter killed all my momentum for the month. I had originally sculpted the model to be rising out of a lava fissure so the idea was to paint it in a molten lava scheme. And so I did. And then didn’t like it. At all. The lava scheme clashed badly with the white/purple style of the rest of the army. So the top of the model went into a stripper bath, making it the first model in the now 11k points Eldar army not to come out right on first try. Let’s see how version 2 looks like.