Bretonnian Fleet

Bretonnian ships are the knights of the sea: fast, brutal on the charge but powerless if caught in the wrong position. The ships are the closest in style to real world sailing ships and as their historical counterpart they are entirely dependent on the wind.

I painted the fleet more or less along the traditional colour scheme of the Man O’ War box. The sails are blank canvas paper soaked in Devlan Mud wash and then dried over a large pipe (used just to get the right curvature). The texture of the canvas paper is really brought out by this.

Man-o-War: The flags of the Galleon are of the fleet, ship and king respectively.

Ship of the Line: Corsairs are the workhorse of the Bretonnian fleet. It helps that they are also very powerful ships if used right. The two squadrons use common Bretonnian heraldry with the secondary colour identifying the individual ships.

The Buccaneers are smaller support craft with prow catapults for longer range support.

Flyer: A squadron of Pegasus Riders offers some aerial combat capability, though definitely not a game winner by itself.

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