Collection Map

This section covers all the game systems that I have encountered over the years as well as some information about my armies for each system.

All photographs are of models in my collection. The vast majority of them (>95%) were painted entirely by myself. In a few cases I acquired second hand models that were too nice to strip. Usually I re-base those, clean up damage, and add detail/shading where appropriate. I have tried to identify such models in the description where I remember.

Uploading army pages takes time, especially for the backlog of older armies created before this blog was established. I will only put up menu links when a page is completed so there will never be “dead/empty” pages on this site. Below is a list of completed pages and “what’s to come”. All in, there are presently about 8,500 painted models/bases with almost 6,000 left to paint (and surely many more left to buy!).

Warhammer Fantasy Battle (~2000 painted, ~1000 unpainted)
Bretonnia (finished, not yet photographed)
Chaos – Nurgle (unpainted)
Dwarves (mostly finished, not yet photographed, Citadel era)
High Elves (in progress, partially photographed)
Ogre Kingdoms (unpainted)
Orcs and Goblins
Undead (finished, not yet photographed, 90s style)
Vampire Counts (in progress, not yet photographed)

Warmaster (~500 painted, 400 unpainted)
Bretonnia (unpainted)
Dark Elves (unpainted)
High Elves
Kislev (unpainted)
Orcs and Goblins
Skaven (unpainted)
Tomb Kings
Vampire Counts (unpainted)
Wood Elves

Mordheim (~350 painted, ~150 unpainted)
Amazons (in progress, not yet photographed)
Carnival of Chaos
Dark Elves (unpainted)
Dwarf Treasure Hunters
Lizardmen (unpainted)
Marienburger (unpainted)
Orcs and Goblins
Sisters of Sigmar
Witch Hunter
Wood Elves (unpainted)
Hired Swords & Persona
City Terrain

Warcry (mostly unpainted…)
Corvus Cabal (unpainted)
Cypher Lords
Iron Golems
Khainite Shadowstalkers (unpainted)
Scions of the Flame (unpainted)
Spire Tyrants (unpainted)
Splintered Fang (unpainted)
The Unmade (unpainted)
Untamed Beasts
Monsters (unpainted)

Man-o-War (all ~118 painted!)
Chaos – Khorne
Chaos Dwarves
Dark Elves
High Elves
Sea Monsters

Blood Bowl (~150 painted, ~150 unpainted)
Chaos (finished, not yet photographed)
Chaos Dwarves (unpainted)
Dark Elves
Dwarves (unpainted)
Pro Elves
High Elves (unpainted)
Lizardmen (unpainted)
Nurgle Rotters (unpainted)
Tomb Kings (unpainted)

Warhammer 40,000 (~800 painted, ~600 unpainted)
Adeptus Mechanicus (unpainted)
Chaos – Emperor’s Children
Chaos – Deathguard (unpainted)
Chaos – World Eater
Dark Eldar (finished, not yet photographed)
Eldar (finished, not yet photographed)
Genestealer Cult (unpainted)
Imperial Guard
Orks (unpainted)
Space Marines – Blood Angels (in progress)
Space Marines – Death Watch (unpainted)
Space Marines – Ultramarines (in progress, not yet photographed)
Tau (unpainted)
Tempestus Scions (in progress)

Epic Armageddon (~2300 painted, ~70 unpainted … almost done!)
Adeptus Mechanicus
Chaos – Iron Warriors and Cult
Chaos – World Eater and Cult
Chaos – Emperor’s Children and Cult
Chaos – Thousand Sons and Cult
Chaos – Deathguard and Cult
Imperial Guard
Knights (unpainted)
Space Marines – Salamanders
Titan Legion (unpainted)

Necromunda (all ~500 unpainted… including old/new variants of all Houses)
House Cawdor (unpainted)
House Delaque (unpainted)
House Escher (unpainted)
House Goliath (unpainted)
House Orlock (unpainted)
House Van Saar (unpainted)
Corpse Grinder Cult (unpainted)
Palatine Enforcers (unpainted)
Plague Zombies (unpainted)
Ratskins (unpainted)
Redemptionists (unpainted)
Scavvies (unpainted)
Slave Ogryns (unpainted)
Inquisition (unpainted)
Mercenaries and Persona (mostly unpainted)

Battlefleet Gothic (all 345 painted! Yay!)
Chaos Fleet
Eldar Fleet
Imperial Fleet
Ork Fleet
Space Marine Imperial Fist Fleet
Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet and Support Vessels
Tyranid Fleet

Games Workshop Boxed Games
Kill Team: Rogue Trader (missing Explorers)
Blackstone Fortress including all expansions
Warhammer Underworld (12 warbands, all unpainted)
Cursed City (unpainted)

Flames of War (~700 painted, ~50 unpainted miscellaneous)
British Army – 6th Airborne
British Army – Desert Rats (finished, not yet photographed)
British Army – Long Range Desert Patrol (unpainted)
German Army
US Army

DBA (all 216 15mm painted!)
Polybian Roman
Early Imperial Roman
Northern Tribes (Gaul, Celtic, Germans)
Other Greek City States
Later Hoplite Greek (28mm, finished, not yet photographed)

Hail Caesar (~300 painted, ~300 unpainted)
Early Imperial Roman
Dacian (unpainted)
Celtic Tribes (unpainted)
Germanic Tribes (unpainted)

SAGA (~230 painted, ~180 unpainted)
Anglo-Danes (unpainted)
Jomsvikings (unpainted)
Jomsvikings (Valkyries)
Normans (unpainted)
Norse Gaels (unpainted)
Scots (unpainted)
Welsh (unpainted)
Generic Levy

Black Powder Napoleonic (~4000 mostly unpainted)
British Army (unpainted)
French Army (unpainted)
Prussian Army (in progress)

Cruel Seas (mostly unpainted)
Kriegsmarine (unpainted)
Royal Navy (unpainted)

Lord of the Rings / Battle of Five Armies
LotR – Isenguard Force (unpainted)
LotR – Gondor Force (finished, not yet photographed)
LotR – Elvish Force (finished, not yet photographed)
LotR – Goblin Force (finished, not yet photographed)
BoFA – Good Alliance (unpainted)
BoFA – Evil Alliance (unpainted)
BoFA – Rohan (unpainted)
BoFA – Gondor (unpainted)
BoFA – Harard (unpainted)

Dystopian Wars
Prussian Empire
Kingdom of Britannia

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