Collection Map

This section covers all the game systems that I have encountered over the years as well as some information about my armies for each system. All photographs are of models in my collection. Virtually all were painted by myself, except the odd Ebay purchase in the early years.

Uploading army pages takes time, especially for the backlog of older armies created before this blog was established. I will only put up menu links when a page is completed so there will never be “dead/empty” pages on this site. Below is a list of completed pages and “what’s to come”. All in, there are presently over 10,000 painted models/bases with a bit over 9,000 left to paint (and surely many more left to buy!).

Fantasy Collection – Dragons and Magic

Warhammer Fantasy Battle (~2200 painted, ~1100 unpainted)

About half of the collection are armies from my initial entry into the hobby in the 90’s. I bought the other half when Games Workshop killed the range to preserve as much of the Old World as I could.

  • Bretonnia (finished, not yet photographed)
  • Chaos – Nurgle (unpainted)
  • Dwarves (mostly finished, not yet photographed, Citadel era)
  • Empire
  • High Elves (in progress)
  • Ogre Kingdoms (unpainted)
  • Orcs and Goblins
  • Skaven
  • Undead (finished, not yet photographed, 90s style)
  • Vampire Counts (in progress, not yet photographed)

Warmaster (~600 painted, 500 unpainted)
Warmaster is a 10mm mass battle game set in the Warhammer universe. I painted most of these armies in the early 2000’s and then bought the remainder of the range when Games Workshop shut down Specialist Games.

Mordheim (~370 painted, ~130 unpainted)

Mordheim was the original skirmish game of the Warhammer world. Most of these warbands are the original releases from the late 90s and early 00’s with a few custom additions.

Warcry (just getting started)

The spiritual successor of Mordheim, Warcry was released in 2019 with slightly larger 32mm figures. I bought the first few boxes, painted a few warbands and then lost the race against Games Workshop’s release schedule…

  • Corvus Cabal (unpainted)
  • Cypher Lords
  • Iron Golems
  • Khainite Shadowstalkers (unpainted)
  • Scions of the Flame (unpainted)
  • Spire Tyrants (unpainted)
  • Splintered Fang
  • The Unmade (unpainted)
  • Untamed Beasts (unpainted)
  • Monsters (unpainted)

Man-o-War (all ~118 painted!)

Man-o-War was released in the 90s as the naval warfare system of the Warhammer world. I stuck with the original style of the era so the models are absurdly colourful.

Blood Bowl (~140 painted, ~170 unpainted)

Blood Bowl is both the strangest and probably most successful Specialist Game from the 90s. Fantasy American Football in the Warhammer world! The teams are mix of 1st and 2nd edition metals, as well as plastics from the later re-launch.

  • Chaos (finished, not yet photographed)
  • Chaos Dwarves (unpainted)
  • Dark Elves
  • Dwarves (unpainted)
  • Pro Elves
  • Goblins
  • High Elves (unpainted)
  • Humans
  • Lizardmen (unpainted)
  • Nurgle Rotters (unpainted)
  • Orcs
  • Tomb Kings (unpainted)

Lord of the Rings (mostly unpainted)

Games Workshop released the original Lord of the Rings Strategy Games in the early 2000’s, I painted a few models but stalled pretty quickly. More recently, I have become interest in the 3D printed designs from “The Printing Goes Ever On” which might give me a second start into this range.

  • Isenguard Force (unpainted)
  • Gondor Force (finished, not yet photographed)
  • Elvish Force (finished, not yet photographed)
  • Goblin Force (finished, not yet photographed)

Battle of Five Armies (all unpainted)

Games Workshop released this 10mm mass battle companion to Lord of the Rings using a very similar ruleset to Warmaster. I love Warmaster so I bought not only the core armies but a lot of additional models from Cobblestone Castings. And then GW dropped the game and all my enthusiasm bled away. One day…

  • Good Alliance (unpainted)
  • Evil Alliance (unpainted)
  • Rohan (unpainted)
  • Gondor (unpainted)
  • Harard (unpainted)

Sci-Fi Collection – Spaceships and Bolters

Warhammer 40,000 (~800 painted, ~800 unpainted)

My foray into 40k started with an old school Rogue Trader era Imperial Guard army and I picked up a few other forces over the years.

Epic Armageddon (~2300 painted, ~70 unpainted … almost done!)

The 6mm mass battle variant of Warhammer 40k, EPIC was my great love in the 90s. I then foolishly sold all of my armies to cover student fees. Later in the early 2010’s I rebuilt the collection and went through a burst of painting spurred on by the community on the Tactical Commands forum.

Necromunda (all ~500 unpainted…)

Necromunda is the long-running skirmish game in the 40k universe. I bought all the original warbands in metal and then all the re-released plastic ones. Now they just need to be painted…

  • House Cawdor (unpainted)
  • House Delaque (unpainted)
  • House Escher (unpainted)
  • House Goliath (unpainted)
  • House Orlock (unpainted)
  • House Van Saar (unpainted)
  • Corpse Grinder Cult (unpainted)
  • Palatine Enforcers (unpainted)
  • Plague Zombies (unpainted)
  • Ratskins (unpainted)
  • Redemptionists (unpainted)
  • Scavvies (unpainted)
  • Slave Ogryns (unpainted)
  • Inquisition (unpainted)
  • Mercenaries and Persona (unpainted)

Battlefleet Gothic (all 345 painted! Yay!)

Spaceships in the 40k universe, this the last of the old Specialist Games from the 90s. Like Man-o-War, I managed to paint everything!

Games Workshop Boxed Games

Since the mid 2010’s, Games Workshop has been releasing a variety of boxed games set in either the Warhammer or Warhammer 40k universe. I picked some of them up, painted where inspiration struck me but then fell behind the release train (and ultimately got off it…).

Dystopian Wars (all done!)

Another fleet system, another completed collection. Dystopian Wars is a now-discontinued game of steam punk fleet and land based mass combat at a very small scale.

Historical Collection – Ancients to Modern

Flames of War (~700 painted, ~50 unpainted miscellaneous)

Flames of War with its 15mm WW2 models was my first step into the world of historical miniatures. I painted up a few core armies, each designed to be fielded in many different configurations during most stages of the war.

DBA (all 216 painted!)

After Flames of War, I explored options for ancient battles. This was before the surge of new game systems so I settled on the trusty De Bella Antiquates rules in 15mm. A small but fine – and painted! – collection.

SAGA (~230 painted, ~180 unpainted)

The release of SAGA – a 28mm skirmish game – really opened the door for me for “normal” scale historical gaming. I am a creature of 28mm after all…

Hail Caesar (~300 painted, ~300 unpainted)

Hail Caesar, and its cousins Black Powder and Pike & Shotte, from Warlord Games are a scale-agnostic mass battle system. I piked 28mm armies on “representative” bases and dug in.

Black Powder (~1900 painted, ~3500 unpainted)

After initial success with Hail Caesar, I just could help myself but to start a massive 28mm collection for the Battle of Waterloo. This will remain a major block in my painting schedule for a while!

EPIC 13.5mm (~700 unpainted)

In 2021, Warlord Games launched a new 13.5mm scale mass battle system termed “EPIC” in multiple waves. I bought a good number of models for the American and English Civil War range.

  • ACW Army of the Potomac
  • ACW Army of Northern Virginia
  • ECW Royalist Army
  • ECW Parliamentarian New Model Army

Cruel Seas (mostly unpainted)

Every collection ought to have a fleet battle component so I picked up some of Warlord Games Cruel Seas range.

  • Kriegsmarine (unpainted)
  • Royal Navy (unpainted)

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