High Elves

The High Elves are the quintessential “Elite” army of the Warmaster System – featuring all troop types at a high quality level. For mine I elected to go with a dragon theme, including converting a few models for emphasis.

Leaders: The army is lead by a variety of lords and mages which are all stock models. The larger Dragon Rider is a standard model. The smaller Dragon serves as a proxy for a Griffon (to go with the draconian theme). The model is based on the plastic dragon in the Dreadfleet ship with the addition of a rider kitbashed from High Elf and Eureka Wood Elf parts.

WM HE - General and Chariots
WM HE - Heroes
WM HE - Mages
WM HE - Hero on Dragon
WM HE - Dragon Rider

Infantry: The core of the High Elf army are deep formations of citizen infantry which any other army would consider elite warriors. Four units of Spearmen and four units of Archers fulfill the core requirements and hold the center of the High Elf Line. The shield motive of a Dragon is a historical transfer inspired by a similar High Elf army I found on TacComs.

WM HE - Spearmen
WM HE - Archers

Cavalry: Mounted warfare is where the High Elves excel. Swift, skilled and yet fairly affordable, High Elf cavalry can dominate the battlefield in large numbers. Three units of Silver Helms and two units of Reaver Knights can put the fear into everybody.

WM HE - Silver Helms 1
WM HE - Silver Helms 2
WM HE - Reaver Knights

Warmachines: The High Elf warmachines come in two flavours: two units of Chariots and two units of Bolt Throwers.

WM HE - Chariots
WM HE - Bolt Thrower

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