Epic Terrain

My default gaming table for Epic is rural so most of the generic terrain items work just fine (hills, rivers, forests, etc.). Over the years I have built a few specific items for 6mm scale which are shown here. I am also working on a dedicated urban table for Epic but that’s a long term project.

The pyramids were a spur of the moment project with my kids (we were talking about Egypt). Fits well for fights with Necrons 🙂

EPIC Terrain - Pyramid 2
EPIC Terrain - Pyramid 1

The adobe buildings were constructed from MDF board and are similar in shape to the cardboard buildings that came in the old Titan Legion set for Epic in the late 90’s. I have long lost the cardboard versions so these houses can serve as the home for my Ork forces.

EPIC Terrain - Mud Houses 4
EPIC Terrain - Mud Houses 3
EPIC Terrain - Mud Houses 2
EPIC Terrain - Mud Houses 1

Epic allows fortifications and at some point in the distant past I picked up with Dragon Teeth tank traps. Add some home-made razor wire and you have the beginning of a fortification system.

EPIC Terrain - Razorwire
EPIC Terrain - Dragonteeth

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