Skaven Warband

Skaven are the ratmen of the under empire. Evil and twisted mutants, they spread their tunnels through the world of men, bringing corruption, disease and warfare in their wake. Skaven are cowardly and weak individuals that turn into unstoppable hordes when they appear in greater numbers. The presence of Warpstone, currency and focal point of the Skaven race, attracts them to Mordheim in just such a horde.

My Skaven warband is one of the earliest in the collection which shows in the painting. The models are mostly from the multi-part plastic kit in the old Mordheim box with the addition of some specialised metal models were needed. The paint scheme is black with brownish fur as befitting the little devils.

Leaders: Assassins are one of the Skaven archetypes so the Deathmaster seemed like a suitable model. A Clan Eshin Sorcerer and two Black Skaven complete the leadership team of the warband. 

Mordheim Skaven - Heroes

The Black Skaven are regular plastic models with a flail and Fighting Claws. As the name implied, I painted their fun black but that’s about the only difference.

Mordheim Skaven - Black Skaven

I used old assassin models to represent the Night Runners. All models are from the old metal Warhammer range.

Mordheim Skaven - Nightrunners

Verminkin: The bulk of the warband are the verminkin armed with assorted weapons. Most of them have a sword but I have also included two with spears and one with a shield. The models are all from the multi-part plastic set.

Mordheim Skaven - Clanrats
Mordheim Skaven - Spears

Giant Rats: Rats, lots of rats.

Mordheim Skaven - Rats

Rat Ogre: My first Mordheim model. The paint job is very out of date, especially the skin. Moreover, the model suffered a bunch of nicks and chips that I have never really repaired. A good bath in Simple Green is waiting for you my friend (somewhere on the 1000 model long “to redo” list…).

Mordheim Skaven - Rat Ogre

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