Orc Team

The Orcs were originally my second Blood Bowl team in the 90s, using the plastic models from the second edition box. Their paintjob was horrible and I always wanted to re-do them. When I finally got around to repainting them I added a few metal models for variety. That kicked off a trend where I kept adding new models until almost none of the original plastic models were left in use. The “extra Goblins” followed the same trend and grew big enough to become a team all on their own.

The models are painted with my current “Green Skin” procedure: Black undercoat, Gretchin Green foundation paint, very “wet” Bleached Bone drybrush (crudely applied, the model looks horrible at this point), a full wash with Devlan Mud, a full wash with Thraka Green and finally another wash of Thraka Green when the first coat has completely dried. The result is a deep green with nice shading. Not bad for almost no painting effort in terms of details and precision. For Black Orcs I skip the Bleached Bone and for Goblins I apply it a bit thicker/wetter.

Star Player: I have two versions of Varag Ghoulchewer, the initial release from the 90s and the newer (much bigger) multi-part model. The older Varag makes a nice skilled-up Black Orc these days. 

BB Orcs - Characters

Blitzer: One lone plastic Blitzer is all that remains from the original box set (right). And even he is superfluous since you can only field four Blitzer in a standard Orc team.

BB Orcs - Blitzer

Black Orcs: There are only two variants of metal Black Orcs so for once the plastic “survivor” has a real use. The plastic Black Orc is also the nicest sculpt in the old set and blends in reasonably well.

BB Orcs - Black Orcs

Thrower: Two Throwers – one metal, one plastic.

BB Orcs - Throwers

Linemen: The Linemen are mostly from the metal range with two old plastic models thrown in for variety. The second plastic model is actually a Thrower with the ball carrying hand replaced.

BB Orcs - Linemen

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