Greetings Visitor

Wargaming has been a hobby of mine for several decades. This website is an attempt to harness the powers of the internet community to motivate my ongoing efforts as well as share some of the results with the larger community.

The “About” section of the site provides a bit of historical context as well as some overviews created over the last many years for other purposes. Some might find them useful to get a feel for the wargaming hobby.

The “Workshop” section contains work in progress projects and tutorials (which are in essence work in progress reports that finished).

The “Games & Armies” section covers the various wargaming systems that I have encountered over the years as well as photos of my armies for each system.

The “Gaming” section addresses all things related to actually playing the game, including battle reports, tactics and my terrain collection.

The website is a new adventure for me so your comments and suggestions are very welcome in any of the areas.