Chaos Dwarf Fleet

Chaos Dwarves are the twisted evil cousins of the Dwarven race. They have been abandoned as a major faction in the more recent Warhammer released but were still very popular during the 90’s when Man O’ War came out. Chaos Dwarves combine the technological prowess of the Dwarves with the aggressiveness of their Hobgoblin slaves to make a very unique fleet.

The fleet is painted on a black base with the traditional colours of the Chaos Dwarves. The scheme is distinctly “90s” when even the evil Warhammer races still have fairly cheerful colour combinations.

Man-o-War: The Man-o-Wars of the Chaos Dwarf fleet are basically big floating gun platforms. The Great Leveller Battlebarge mounts a massive mortar while the two Thunderfire Battlebarges fire large gunpowder rockets.

Ship of the Line: Unlike the Battlebarges, the Ships of the Line are completely combat oriented. One imagines that they are crewed mostly by Hobgoblin slaves. The Hull-Destroyers are basically giant rams with a minimalistic ship around them. The Thunder-Rollers have a little bit more long range firepower but are still primarily design to crash into other enemy ships.

Flyer: Great Taurus Riders are surprisingly powerful flyers compared to the usually weak performance of flyers in Man O’ War.

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