While painting the Vikings force, my middle daughter asked me if there were any fighting girls in the Viking age. After showing her some of the female shield maiden in the Vikings TV series, she asked if she could have a warband like that. A bit of research later, I found the very nice Valkyries models from Shadowforge and this force was born. We use the Jomsvikings battle board as the hearthguard-focused aggressive style seems to fit the idea of Valkyries quite well.

Heroes: I made a variety of heroines for the Valkyries to match the selection available for the Jomsvikings. These are all based on generic models from the Shadowforge series.

SAGA Valkyries - Hero 3
SAGA Valkyries - Hero 2
SAGA Valkyries - Hero 1

Hearthguards: All Valkyries models are classed as Hearthguard, so the ones with spears could easily be moved into a single unit of Warriors for variety. One of the units has Dane Axes. The Shadowforge models came in sets of 6, so two of the double-handed weapon models were converted into single-handed options to keep the unit count to a consistent 4. See if you can spot those…

SAGA Valkyries - Valkyries 1
SAGA Valkyries - Valkyries 5
SAGA Valkyries - Valkyries 4
SAGA Valkyries - Valkyries 3
SAGA Valkyries - Valkyries 2
SAGA Valkyries - Dane Axe