The Eldar force is colourful, vibrant and sleek – ironically very much like some of the Chaos forces. The force includes every type of Eldar unit out there and is mostly composed of the latest (Epic Armageddon) models. I greatly dislike the Epic 40k era Eldar models with their boxy/rivet look. The newer models conform nicely to the Warhammer 40k style. The paint scheme for my Epic Eldar army is based my Warhammer 40k Eldar army which served me well during the 2003-2004 Grand Tournament circuit: purple and bone white. In that regard it is similar to my Battlefleet Gothic Eldar fleet.

Leadership: The Eldar army is led to war by a mighty Autarch and the even mightier Avatar of Khaine the Bloody Handed God. I mildly converted the Avatar model to make it look like he is rising out of molten lava in the ground. The Autarch is just a blend of Exarch models.

Aspect Warriors: Eldar Aspect Warriors are deadly combat specialists. My collection includes a full troupe of 8 per Aspect and each troupe is led by two Exarch. One is the stock model where available while the other is a conversion to get some variety.

Striking Scorpion (Heavy Close Combat Specialists)
Howling Banshees (Light Close Combat Specialists)
Dire Avengers (Anti-Infantry Fire Support Specialists)
Fire Dragons (Anti-Tank Fire Support Specialists)
Dark Reapers (Heavy Fire Support Specialists)
Swooping Hawks (Light Scout Specialists)
Warp Spiders (Heavy Scout Specialists)
Shining Spears (Jetbike Assault Specialists)

Guardians: Guardian formations are the core of the Eldar army. These citizen soldiers provide good mid-range fire support as well as long range support with their grav platforms. The army includes three mobile Guardian formations of which two can ride in Wave Serpent transports, and three support Guardian formations with Heavy and Support Weapon Platforms.

The Guardian formations can be augmented by Wraithguard and Wraithlord detachments.

Scout Troupes: A dozen Ranger bases provide infantry scouting capability for the warhost. Add the two Warwalker troupes and the Eldar army has more scouts than any other force in my collection.

Bike Troupes: Guardian Jetbikes offer relatively low cost mobile hitting power. The three troupes are supported by a troupe of Vypers with heavier weapons.

Grav Tanks: The Falcon is the iconic grav tank of the Eldar army. Three squadrons with associated Firestorm Anti-Aircraft variants provide the main tank force for the warhost.

The Fire Prism squadron can reach out from a distance to immolate heavy armour while the two Nightspinner squadrons can seriously ruin the day for any infantry formation caught in the open.

Engines of Vaul: The Engines of Vaul are the Eldar’s answer to the Imperial Super Heavy Tanks. The Cobras are long range heavy gun platforms.

The Scorpions provide mid-range flexible hitting power and are the closest equivalent to the Imperial Baneblade in the Eldar arsenal.

The Storm Serpents carry small Warp Gates that allow Eldar units to jump into battle in the middle of the enemy army.

The Void Spinner is the big brother of the Nightspinner, firing massive barrages of monofilament wire that shreds enemy formations to pieces.

Titans: The Eldar army provides three Titan classes. The Revenant Titans are smaller scout walker and one of my favourite model in the entire Eldar army (if not Epic as a whole).

The Phantom and Warlock Titan are some of the oldest models in the Epic range but hold up well. I magnetized the arms to allow for a variety of weapon selections (Heat Lance, Psy Cannon, Tremor Cannon, Power Fist, D-Cannon or Pulsar) and the heads for both titan classes.

Air Support: As most Epic armies, the Eldar have three core flyers: the Nightwing Interceptors, Phoenix Bombers and the Vampire Transports.

Objectives: In addition to the two regular objectives, the Eldar have a Wraith Gate which allows them to teleport in units from the Warp.

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Very beautiful! How did you get these models? I’d like to start Epic but it seems very difficult to find the miniature…

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