Chaos Emperor’s Children & Cult

I started this army as a combined Black Legion force with devotees of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaneesh, Tzeentch and Undivided. It very quickly grew to the point that each faction deserved its own webpage, especially once I added matching Lost and the Damned factions. All five factions can of course still combine to make a very large Black Legion force.

Slaneesh is the chaos god of sinful pleasures and decadence. It’s contingent is formed around the Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marine chapter and a Lost and the Damned horde of cult followers. The marine force can be fielded using the Black Legion or dedicated Emperor’s Children army list. Pink is the signature colour of Slaneesh and I have kept all other accent colours in the pastel range as well. In a few places I have mixed in Eldar models as they seem to embody the sleek and subtle style of Slaneesh.

Emperor’s Children Retinues: The organisation of the core retinues in the Black Legion and Emperor’s Children army list differ substantially. As a result I had to collect a surplus of all model types. These can be configured into four Emperor’s Children Retinues (two regular, one Noise Marines, one Havocs). Alternatively, a smaller number of Noise Marines and Havocs can be used as retinue upgrades in a Black Legion list formation. There are enough Rhinos to carry two full retinues with upgrades in either list type. The Slaneeshi Rhinos are outfitted with Warp Amplifiers to spew forth the music of the chaos god of lust and guile. The paint scheme is based on Tentacle Pink followed by an Asurmen Blue wash and Tentacle Pink drybrush.

Emperor’s Children Terminators: The Terminator warband provides a teleporting assault element to the otherwise fairly static Emperor’s Children army.

Slaneesh Daemons: Led by a Keeper of Secrets Greater Daemon and a Daemon Prince, the Slaneeshi daemon host includes a group of Daemonettes as well as a legion of Beast of Slaneesh (used as Bikers). The Daemon Prince and greater Daemon are from the 10mm Warmaster range.

Slaneesh Daemon Engines: The theme for the Slaneeshi Daemon Engines is graceful walkers. I have gathered all the available models from the initial EPIC release so all units types are available. The large engines are two Subjugator Scout Titans and a single Questor Scout Titan.

EPIC CHAOS - Slaneesh Subjugators
EPIC CHAOS - Slaneesh Questor

Smaller support comes from six Slaneesh Knights and two squadrons of Slaneesh Walkers. The Walkers are based on old Eldar Wraithlords as that seemed to fit the Slaneesh style. The Walkers can either serve as Dreadnoughts in the Chaos Marine lists or as squadrons of Traitor Sentinels in the Lost and the Damned list.

EPIC CHAOS - Slaneesh Knights
EPIC CHAOS - Slaneesh Knights

Pleasure Cult: Following the Slaneesh theme of grace and speed, the Covens are fully mounted. The core are two Covens of cultists led by Demagogues. The models are a mix of chaos cultists, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Orks and pretty much anything else I could find to represent the diverse nature of Slaneesh. The first coven carries an Altar of Slaneesh and is supported by a Fire Support Squad. The Altar is a pleasure temple carried on the back of many cultists. The model was built from Hirst Art blocks, the head of an old Warhammer Keeper of Secrets, and lots of cultists models underneath.

EPIC Chaos - Slaneesh Altar

The second Coven is more mobile due to the addition of Chimera transports and Hellhounds for mobile close support.

EPIC CHAOS - Slaneesh Chimeras
EPIC CHAOS - Slaneesh Hellhounds

Slaneesh Objective: The Slaneesh objective is a very old Warhammer Daemonette on a Hirst Art pedestal.

EPIC Chaos - Slaneesh Objective

The other objectives for are “generic” chaos objectives shared by the five contingents. The Chaos Portal is made from Hirst Art stones and a bit of multi-layer optical film that reflects light at different colours depending on viewing angle (across the rainbow spectrum).

EPIC Chaos - Chaos Gate

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