Dark Elf Team

Dark Elves are fast, agile and brutal – the perfect Blood Bowl players! My Dark Elf team is from the very first release of the game. Sometime during the early 90s I bought most of the team boxes of the time and years later finally got around to painting some of them. Teams back then were able to field more than the 11 players allowed on the pitch today and rosters weren’t capped at 16. There are thus a lot more models in this team than anybody would ever need. Ever wanted to field a full roster of 16 linemen? It’s all possible.

The paint scheme is based on the Naggaroth Nightmares legendary team with deep blue armour over black cloth.

Specialists: Horkon Heartripper the Assassin and Hubris Rakarth are both newer models. Assassins are actually regular player in the current Blood Bowl edition so Horkon is usually “downgraded” accordingly. I like the dynamic pose of Hubris Rakarth so I added him to the team instead of the older model. The style is close enough to the old models to blend in. Witch Elves didn’t really exist as a player time in the early days so both of these models are from the current Blood Bowl line. I tried to blend them in by using the same paint scheme. Fortunately Witch Elves are visual “outsiders” anyhow (no armour, big hair, etc.).

BB Dark Elves - Specialists

Blitzer: A full set of four old style Blitzer, pretty much the only player type that has remained the same from 1st to 5th edition of the game.

BB Dark Elves - Blitzer

Thrower and Kicker: Three Throwers from the old box though one is excess under the current rules. The Kicker is of course also obsolete.

BB Dark Elves - Throwers

Runners: I usually use the “running” linemen from the old box as runners/catchers. That of course gives me way to many Runners but it’s not like they are needed for anything else.

BB Dark Elves - Linemen 1

Linemen: The eight standing Linemen of the old box are enough in number for most team configurations.

BB Dark Elves - Linemen 2

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